Tips on How to Successfully Plan a Fabulous Wedding

Posted October 4, 2019 by in Lifestyle
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You cannot contain the joy and excitement when you pop the big question, and she says yes. You’re now facing the daunting task of preparing for one of the most memorable days of your life. Planning a wedding can be stressful as there are lots of things to consider like the church venue, reception, wedding invitation, and your budget.

Planning a wedding, whether you have three years or a couple of months to prepare, needs lots of time, effort, and energy. However, with the right strategy and budget, you can celebrate this significant event in style:

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Steps in Wedding Planning and Preparation

When planning for your wedding, you should focus on one undertaking at a time to avoid being too stressed. You can also delegate some of the tasks to close friends and family members. Here are some steps to consider when preparing for your wedding:

  1. Ensure you have the money to use – You should calculate how much you can spend for the event. You can also allocate an extra amount to cover unexpected expenses.
  2. Determine the type of ceremony you want – You must decide on how you want your wedding to look and feel for you to be inspired. You can visit some wedding websites, as well as Instagram and Pinterest, to get ideas.
  3. Select the people who will participate and the venue of your wedding – Carefully select the people you want to celebrate with on your special day. These include your guests, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Select your dream wedding venue and officially set a date for your special event.
  4. Create a wedding registry – You can start a wedding registry early for friends and family members who want to give engagement gifts.
  5. Determine your wedding vendors – You must select your suppliers early to keep your preparations organized. Among them are the wedding planner, caterer, florist, videographer, and photographer. Weddings are a huge undertaking. Even small weddings require a lot of planning and management. Therefore, it is always a good idea to hire a professional like Married Australia.
  6. Buy your wedding dress and other essentials – Purchase your wedding dress in advance to give ample time for it to be appropriately tailored. Ordering in advance is very important, especially if you want a customized wedding attire.
  7. Decide where to go for your honeymoon – Don’t forget to plan for your honeymoon if you want to do it shortly after your wedding. You should plan your itineraries and book your travel and accommodations.
  8. Be sure to attend your pre-wedding events – Be sure your schedule allows you to participate in pre-wedding activities like shower parties, engagement parties, and more.
  9. Send your wedding invitations – You should send a wedding invitation to each guest at least six to eight weeks before the event. You can order personalized invitations from reputable shops near you. You may also send the save-the-date announcement six to eight months earlier. 
  10. Purchase wedding bands – You should buy wedding bands that are comfortable and fit your style a few months before your big day.
  11. Secure a marriage license – You must obtain a permit to marry, which is one of the requirements for legal marriage. Check the marriage license laws in your state to secure your license at the right time.
  12. Finalize the details of your nuptial – You should contact all the people involved in the event weeks before your wedding. Communicate clearly with your vendors to avoid any misunderstanding.
  13. Enjoy your big day – Your special day is finally happening! You should enjoy every moment and celebrate it!

A wedding is an extraordinary event to cherish and to celebrate. With the right preparation and family support, you will experience a very memorable and solemn nuptial of your dreams.

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