Tips on Keeping Your HVAC System in Good Condition for a Long Time

Posted August 1, 2022 by in Home

The HVAC system, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, is what keeps us warm during the winter and cool in the summer. Just like the human body, this system needs to be properly cared for and maintained periodically to work well during the extreme seasons.

One should not wait until the system fails and ceases to work before taking action, as failure to maintain it can lead to bigger issues such as increased energy bills, poor air circulation, and costly repairs. Here are some pointers to ensure your HVAC system lasts as long as possible and performs as efficiently as possible:

  1. Clean the Condensing Unit and Vent

In the summer, most air conditioners have an external condensing unit with a fan and metal fins that distributes heat. These regularly become dirty and clogged due to harmful materials in the air. As a result, it is critical to clean them at least once a season by spraying the exterior unit with a water hose.

Another component to clean is the vents; when hair and dust accumulate, it can clog your filter.

  1. Clearing Blockages from the Drain Pan and Drainpipe

The drain pan and drainpipe of the Evaporator Coil are frequently clogged with mold/algae and become blocked; this obstruction can majorly damage your HVAC system and lead it to develop certain common AC problems, causing it to malfunction. You can use bleach and a wet-dry vacuum to clean these components to suction out any blockages. Clearing those out will ensure that your systems function properly and yield maximum results for the longest possible time. 

  1. Check the Air Filters Regularly

The air filter is a critical component of the ventilation systems, preventing dust, hair, grime, and other dangerous substances from entering the building. It is therefore critical to clean it every month since a clean filter improves the quality of the air that is let into the home and ensures the AC performs optimally for a long time. If it appears to be very dirty, you may need to replace it entirely.

Because the filter plays a crucial function in purification by blocking undesired and dangerous substances, it is critical that you do not run your HVAC system without the filter, as this could lower air quality and damage the AC. However, you may have a strong need to utilize your HVAC system when the filters are clogged and need to be replaced, especially when the weather is excessively hot or cold. In cases such as this you may wonder, “can I run my ac without a filter temporarily?” You can, but not for more than 8 hours. Running it without a filter for an extended period of time can have a number of negative impacts on your air conditioner.

  1. Purchasing a Smart AC Controller

When you buy a smart AC controller for your air conditioner, it will greatly improve its functionality. You’ll have many functions at your disposal to help you maintain and control your air conditioner more effectively with just a click of a button.

These capabilities include tracking your usage history to find out how long your air conditioner has been operating, alerting you when the air filter needs to be cleaned, and identifying when the AC is not working properly. These features will guide and assist you in properly maintaining the system as much as you can.

  1. Professional Check-Ups

Another suggestion for ensuring that your system lasts as long as possible is to regularly have professional checkups. Cleaning the drain line, the coil, and the air filter and inspecting the heat exchanger for leaks may all be part of the AC maintenance check-up. There are a lot of HVAC service providers out there, but in my opinion, CW Service Pros is the best in the industry and has a solid reputation. The technician can also inspect the voltage, furnace performance, loose wires, and the blower chamber.

This expert check-up can be performed once or twice a year to help guarantee that the HVAC system does not break down when it is most required during the winter and summer. While performing the check-up, the specialist can show you the major AC parts and their operations. This routine inspection will guarantee that all parts are functioning properly and that energy costs are not increased.

The importance of routinely maintaining and caring for the HVAC system cannot be overstated; it improves the quality of air entering our homes and ensures that we prevent unneeded and costly repairs that could have been avoided.

The recommendations presented are quite simple to follow and will greatly assist even those with little knowledge of air conditioners on how to clean and maintain their systems to guarantee they perform effectively and have a longer lifespan.