Tips on Planning the Best Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Posted January 28, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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One of the best things about your buddy getting married is that you get to throw them a fantastic bachelor party, and heading to Vegas can make the it a whole lot better. You can take the groom and a bunch of other friends to Sin City to drink and party all night. But if you are having trouble planning the day or weekend, here are some tips that will help:

Las Vegas bachelor party

Think Of the Groom

Planning a bachelor party can be very easy when you know the main things. First, make sure that it is centered on the groom. Don’t do something for yourself, it should be what the groom will enjoy. 

Second, it should be something they will never forget. If it fits your buddy’s personality, have a crazy wild experience that you guys will be talking about for years to come. 

The last thing, you will have to make sure things go smoothly. The groom needs to enjoy being a bachelor one last time and go nuts, but you need to make sure he doesn’t do something he will regret after sobering up.

Figure Out the Basics


You should ask the groom when he is available. A suitable time would be at least two weeks to a month before the wedding. You can also ask the bride and then kidnap your best friend on the day of the bachelor party. You need to contact all the guests and make sure they all can be there.

Work With Others

As stated before, the experience must be tailored to match the groom’s personality. You can’t ask the groom for his opinion as these parties are mostly a surprise, which is why you should include the groomsmen in the planning process. You may want to even ask the bride-to-be some questions, too. 

Come Up With a Budget

The total costs of these parties are high most of the time. Since you and the other guests will be covering the amount, it is essential to ask everyone how much they can easily contribute, and try to stick to it. Make sure to include all the accommodation and travel costs. Accordingly, you can make a choice out of the dayclubs in Las Vegas.

Try not to compromise on the fun even if the budget is tight, instead make sure the groom gets his own room and the rest of you guys can bunk together.

Book Everything in Advance

After getting an estimated budget, start looking into the fascinating places Sin City has to offer, keeping your theme in mind. There are many Las Vegas nightclubs, casinos, hotels, restaurants, and other great spots that your gang can head to.

You must make all the reservations in advance, as it can be a headache later and disrupt your plans. Many places can even make special arrangements for grooms, to make them feel special.

Have Fun, But Be Responsible

Parties are a lot of fun, but they can quickly get out of hand sometimes. Try to stay a little sober to stop any fights, keep a watch on the groom, and look out for anything that could go wrong. You need to stay ahead and make sure all the reservations are confirmed.  Also, think about all the potential problems and come up with solutions to make sure the fun is not ruined.

Have you ever had to plan a bachelor or bachelorette party? Let us know in the comments below!

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