Tips To Book A Safe Accommodation During The Pandemic

Posted May 25, 2021 by in Lifestyle

One of the biggest concerns when traveling during the pandemic is your safety from the Covid virus. Booking suitable accommodation plays a very important role in ensuring that you do not end up getting infected. People can save time and money by booking the right accommodation online through serviced accommodation management that provides a safe living space during a pandemic. 

As per the CDC guidelines, travelers are advised to make online reservations and do online check-ins. It is recommended to prefer contactless payments. Before you reach the hotel, you can call them to find out if they follow proper protocols (like wearing a mask and gloves at all times) to avoid contamination.

We’ve listed some tips that will help you choose the right accommodation while traveling during the pandemic. 

Take a look. 

Woman riding down escalator with a large luggage bag at an airport during the covid-19 pandemic.

Cleanliness Is a Must

During the pandemic, cleanliness and hygiene are among the top priorities of travelers worldwide. Personalized and contactless services are gaining popularity, and rightly so. 

The CDC recommends that travelers inquire about the hotel’s current disinfection and cleaning policies before booking.

Hotel Chains are also working proactively to ensure proper cleanliness for the guests. For example, the cleaning staff in many hotels seal the room door after cleaning a room. This ensures that no one enters the room once it is cleaned.

Some hotel chains place guests in alternative rooms to ensure proper social distance.

Some hotel chains also participate in learning and certification programs for ensuring hygiene in the hotel premises. This will help them provide the best quality of cleanliness services during the pandemic. 

Following The Protocols 

Being around other travelers is one of the biggest health hazards you will face when staying at a hotel during this pandemic. Your accommodation may have the ability to check-in online. However, many other factors can jeopardize your hotel stay. 

Many people under the same roof have always been one of the biggest factors for the virus spread. 

Wearing masks at all times is a must. It helps prevent the virus’ spread to a great extent. However, there are many other places where you can contract the virus through an infected person. 

Some of these places are lobbies, elevator buttons, hotel keys, or doorknobs. To avoid this, always disinfect your hands before and after touching any surface. You can also wear gloves while entering and leaving the hotel. Using a brass key is also advisable as it has antimicrobial properties (you didn’t know that, did you?). 

Emergency Measures

If you are traveling during the current pandemic, it is very important to know your hotel’s plan in sudden health and medical emergencies. You need to find out if the hotel you have booked has a plan for any problems that may arise.

Some of the hotel chains have partnered with major medical institutes to ensure proper medical care. They are in regular touch with the medical groups to get updated advice on how to handle any COVID-related emergencies.

Other hotel chains have an arrangement that immediately calls the Covid helpline to make appropriate arrangements in an emergency. Some hotels have a doctor available to deal with all emergencies.

Many hotels have set up emergency rooms that are isolated from the rest of the rooms. In these rooms, all suspicious patients are separated until further medical advice is sought. 

Traveling in times of pandemic can be intimidating. However, there can be inevitable reasons that may require you to travel to a different city. Choosing suitable accommodation that is strictly compliant with the Covid protocols can be the way to go. 

The ideal way to do this is by planning well in advance. Companies like Kasa have proper accommodation facilities for travelers. This includes all the safety protocols and social distancing norms. Make sure you book accommodation online before traveling.

We hope the tips in this article will help you book the best accommodation for your next trip during the pandemic.

*Photos by Anna Shvets