Tips to Dress Up for a Girls Night Out

Posted September 11, 2023 by in Fashion

The weekend is coming, and the girls are getting ready for another Saturday night out! It’s the highlight of the week, and you have been looking forward to it since Monday! It was what got you through yet another hard week at work! These girl’s nights out are your excuse and escape to glam up and dress to the nines!

You and your girls need to look your absolute best for your Instagram grid, so what can you do to make sure your outfit is just another highlight of your weekend?

Have you planned your outfit already but are having second thoughts? That’s alright, it happens to the best of us more often than we like to admit!

If you’re wondering how to zhuzh up your next Saturday night look, count your lucky stars because we’re here to help!

Check out our tips to dress up for a girl’s night out, and we bet you by the end of this guide, you’ll be ready for all your nights out with the best outfit and fashion tips up your stylish sleeves!

Tips to Dress Up for a Girl’s Night Out

Dressing up instantly lifts your mood and boosts your confidence; it’s the best way to express your style and make a lasting impression on anyone you meet. Especially when it’s with your girlfriends, you feel empowered enough to take on the world!  Whether you opt for trendy jumpsuits, elegant maxi dresses, or sexy cocktail dresses, make sure you choose an outfit that makes you feel fabulous and ready to conquer the night!

Here are some great tips to dress up for your next girl’s night out. 

  1.  Dress How You Want

The first tip and the most important, you need to dress the way YOU want. Don’t let your girlfriends or the uber-photoshopped Instagram photos make you feel a certain way or force you to change your personal style.

When you make your own fashion and style choices, you feel even more confident and empowered! Dressing like you believe others think you should will only leave you feeling uncomfortable, and it will not help your confidence or self-esteem, resulting in a night out you will not enjoy, so just always be you! 

If you’re going for a glam dinner at a fancy restaurant and feel like going casual instead of the fancy outfit that others will be wearing, you can always find ways to zhuzh up your casual outfit! If you want to wear jeans, maybe pair them with a sparkly or sequined top, (sequins are so IN right now!) Finish off with some high heels, a cute purse, statement accessories, and you’re probably the best-dressed one in the group! 

On the contrary, if your girlfriends have decided to go glam-casual for the club and you want to dress it up with a hot skirt-set, by all means, rock that skirt-set like you’ve never done before! It’s all about being yourself and doing what feels good for you!

  1.  Prioritize Comfort

Looking super glamorous and fashionable is great, but comfort is crucial. If you’re uncomfortable with wearing heels or tight clothing, swag out in some ultra-cool sneakers or slides, or rock that relaxed jean-top combo we recommended before!

Wear jewelry that doesn’t hurt or tug at your ears or irritate your skin, buy now to rock at your next GNO! Take the sneakers with you and switch them out after taking pics for that Insta grid.

Less Is More; whether it’s your fashion or your grooming choices, like makeup or hair, remember less is more. Don’t overdo it with elaborate make-up choices or hairstyles that will overwhelm you throughout the night. Unless you want to go all out, of course, then you do you!

As for fashion, we’ll reemphasize comfort again and again! Wear pieces that won’t leave you feeling hot or sweaty in the crowded clubs.

Layer up in the colder seasons, but don’t pile it all on; style the pieces accordingly. Balance what you wear with your makeup and hair; wear clothes that don’t clash with elaborate and glam makeup and hair, and keep the fashion simple and classy.

When your clothes are the star of the show, let your makeup and hair take a backseat, except maybe for a bold lip color or a cute hair accessory! 

  1.  The Art of Accessorizing 

Adding the right accessories, whether it’s a structured bag or some statement jewelry, can really elevate your entire outfit.

Consider balancing out here too, you can get away with bold accessories with simple clothing like a long, slip dress or crop set. But if your fashion is at the forefront, adding simple accessories like just earrings, a statement necklace, or a cute clutch can transform your outfit. 

Watches and minimal jewelry are timeless pieces, so if you’re sticking to this regime, you can marry any outfit choice with it, bold or simple. 

  1.  Fashion Emergency

You never know when things can take a turn for the worse, so carry these few things with you to always make sure you stay looking polished and flawless.

  • Fashion tape, to keep clothing from coming off, riding up, or slipping down. These also help you lift and pull the bust to keep it neat and in shape for your outfit.
  • An extra pair of shoes will always save you from painful heel situations like blisters or twisted ankles. So keep your comfiest sneakers or slides in your car.
  • Carry stylish layers, it can get cold all of a sudden, so always carry a  jacket, blazer, or a stylish shawl with you.
  • Dress how you want! We’ve talked about it before, and we’re talking about it again because it’s the most important thing. You must dress the way you want and feel your best. Dress codes are cool, but feeling confident and empowered is way cooler. 

We hope this guide helps you look and feel your best at your next girl’s night out. No matter how you choose to dress up, prioritize your preferences and comfort above all else. Dress up the way YOU want! Now go and enjoy that well-deserved girl’s night out!