Tips to Increase Your Chances of Promotion at Work

Posted November 6, 2021 by in Career

For the majority of people, a job is about much, much more than just a wage slip. Indeed, most employees derive many different benefits and pleasures from working, ranging from a sense of self-esteem to the social aspect of being around fellow workmates. However, almost without exception, the greatest satisfaction people get from work is from climbing the career ladder and getting the sense that they’re valued by a firm and important to its operations.

If you’ve worked in a role for any length of time, it’s quite likely you’ll be looking to try and get promoted and take on more responsibility in the day-to-day running of the firm. However, while most people’s careers take unexpected twists and turns from time to time and promotion might just be gifted to you, in most cases, it’ll take some concerted effort on your part to increase your chances of taking that step up:

Simple Ways to Make a Promotion More Likely

If you’re looking for ways to increase the likelihood of promotion in your job, below are some tips and tricks used by the pros that helped them climb the ladder at work:

Work Like You’re Only As Good As Your Last Job: Bosses want to see enthusiasm—the same enthusiasm they have for their jobs – and one of the best ways to show you love your job is to work diligently and go and above and beyond. If you take pride in your work and show an eagerness to learn and take on more responsibility, you’ll be sure to stand out and could be earmarked for a step up to greater things.

Take a Course to Improve Your Skill Base: Taking an extra course or qualification is a great way to show you have the commitment to better yourself, increase your knowledge and have the desire to climb higher and go further. Also, don’t just limit yourself to qualifications directly related to your current job (or even directly related to your company).

For example, a business management qualification will give you wide-ranging skills that can be applied to many different aspects of work – everything from IT skills to a knowledge of procurement and ordering.

These types of qualifications will also improve your communication and leadership skills, making you match-fit for promotion. Having a solid business management knowledge is critical to thriving in this industry, so check online for courses you could do in your free time while still holding down your existing job. 

Act Like You’ve Already Been Promoted: Nobody likes a show-off, but if you can display the skills required for management and show you’re already ready for the next level, you’ll convince bosses you’re right for the job. 

Increase Your Knowledge of the Company: Having a wide understanding of a firm and its operations is a sure-fire way to prove you can see the bigger picture and aren’t just limited to the role you’re currently performing.

If possible, try to learn about other sides of the company not directly related to your own job. Also, don’t be afraid to muck in and help out in these other positions – this too will show an eagerness to learn and willingness to help others.

*Photos by Vlada Karpovich