Tips To Prevent Pests From Attacking Your Home

Posted April 9, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Everyone loves their home. People invest plenty of time in designing, decorating and maintaining their homes to ensure they get a comfortable and cosy environment to live in.  

Imagine you have purchased a beautiful wooden wardrobe for your bedroom that goes perfectly with your home interiors. One fine day you realise that termites are eating the wood of the wardrobe. How disappointing! To avoid inconvenience caused by different types of pests that may attack your home, you need to take appropriate measures.  

Here are some tips to help you save your home from pest attacks:

A moka pot and a plant on a kitchen counter surrounded by cutting boards.

Clean Your Home Daily 

This is basic! You need to maintain cleanliness in your home to avoid attracting any types of pests. A dirty space is vulnerable to be attacked by cockroaches, ants, rodents, wasps, etc. It is important to sweep and mop the floor daily and dust dirt from resting on your furniture. Only when your house is thoroughly cleaned, the chances of it being attacked by pests decreases. 

Keep Food Sealed

Most pests attack your kitchen or spaces where the food is stored. It is essential to keep all food items stored in sealed boxes to prevent pest attacks. Food spills here and there attract ants, cockroaches and rodents. These pests feed on the food items found in the house and are difficult to eradicate.

Once rodents or cockroaches attack your property, their number will continue growing every day until you appoint a professional pest control company in Sydney to remove it permanently from your home. 

Seal Even the Smallest of Gaps  

Unsealed gaps and small holes allow pests to enter your home quickly. The moment you see a tiny gap near your electrical lines or pipes, it is best to seal it using appropriate materials. Ignoring or delaying the sealing of gaps can cost you a lot.

If various pests use these passages to enter your home, you will have to spend more money removing them using professional services  in pest control sydney.

Dispose of Waste Properly 

Leftover food items make a way in the dustbin. If the dustbin in your home isn’t cleared and cleaned daily, it may attack rats, mouse, cockroaches, etc. It is advisable to segregate your wet and dry waste and dispose of it daily without fail. Also, to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, you must wash and dry your dustbin at least 3 to 4 times a week.

You must also pay attention to the area where the bin is placed. Since a lot of wastage goes in the bin, the chances of dust and dirt settling in the dustbin surrounding are high. Hence, you must clean the entire area every day.  

Use Natural Products for Pest Prevention  

A lot of things found in the kitchen can serve as natural preventers of pests. For example, you can slice onions and place them in a water bowl and keep the bowl in your home areas that are vulnerable to spider attacks. It is believed that onion and water solution can prevent spiders from entering your home. To prevent ants from attacking your home, you can try spraying vinegar, peppermint and water solution in your house.  

Cover Drains Properly 

Food and other waste stuck in the sink or floor drain attract pests as well. It is best to clean the drain regularly using a mix of baking soda and vinegar. The mix of these items can create a foaming reaction in the drain, leading to clearing any blockage.

When not in use, try to cover sink and floor drains using steel covers as pests can travel through the drain into your home. 

Keep Corners, Walls, and Furniture Dry 

Wet corners in your home are more vulnerable to pest attacks. It is best to keep all areas of your home clean and dry. If there’s any leakage in your property, it is best to get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent pest attacks.  

These are some simple yet effective tips for saving your home from being attacked by different pests types. If any pest has already attacked your home, you must seek help from professional pest control company to prevent damages. 

*Photos by Rachel Claire