Tips to Ramp up Your Jewelry Collection

Posted September 11, 2022 by in Fashion
Gold earrings and a gold necklace on an open book next to a mirror and flowers

If you are a jewelry lover, you will probably have a collection. Building one is a goal, even for a newbie who can afford to spend a bit. After all, precious pieces are integral to the dress-to-impress rule. But investing in random ones is the last thing you should do. Jewelry costs a lot, so you must choose it wisely and according to your budget. It is also vital to ramp up your collection with the latest and the best and maintain the existing items over the years. Here are some valuable tips to cover both fronts.

Gold jewelry displayed on an open book next to dried lavender and a gold mirror

Define your personal style and goals

The best way to build and modify your collection is by ensuring it complements your personal style and goals. You may want to keep things minimalistic as a professional or quirky as an artist. Some women prefer chic styles, while others love vintage trends. You may have doubts regarding your personal style, but a good look at your wardrobe can give you a fair idea. Moreover, you can decide where and when you wear your jewelry. 

Begin with the basics

Whether starting from scratch or reworking your assortment of valuables, ensure having the basics. These include the pieces that work on all occasions, such as professional meetings, date nights, and parties. Most women prefer to keep a wedding ring (if married), diamond studs, a gold chain, and a sleek bracelet in their everyday collection. You can invest in these as the foundation and add more pieces over time. Picking some statement pieces is a good way to personalize.

Think custom 

Besides investing in the basics, you can think custom to ramp up your collection down the line. Such pieces give the freedom to choose your designs, metals, and gemstones and even get them within your spending capacity. An expert designer can help you get the best of all worlds. You can even find Custom jewelry online, but ensure to collaborate with a reputable seller. Check online reviews, have a good look at their website, and go through the fine print to understand details like terms and conditions, quality checks, warranty, and return policy.

Avoid chasing trends

When you check the latest jewelry trends, you will surely want to own them own. But chasing trends with expensive stuff is the last thing you should do. You may end up with pieces that go out of vogue sooner than later. Moreover, impulsive buying also leads to picking jewelry that does not go well with your personal style. The best piece of advice is to stick with timeless pieces you can wear and enjoy today and always.

Take your time

Building a fine jewelry collection is not a one-time thing. It may cost you a hefty sum, specifically with luxury pieces crafted from precious metals and gemstones. The best way to ramp up your assortment is by going slow and easy. You can budget your purchases, set cash aside with savings, and buy pieces when you are comfortable with the decision. Meanwhile, manage with your staples and add more pieces along the way.

A classy jewelry collection is the best asset a woman can own, but it entails a significant investment. You can start small and build it over time by following these simple rules.