Tips + Tricks—How to Build Intimacy in a New Relationship

Posted April 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Have you recently started dating but you’re struggling with relationship anxiety?

Knowing how to build intimacy in a new relationship is a valuable skill that’ll help you in all your interactions with your significant other. It’s not only in the bedroom where intimacy plays a key role.

We’ve collected the best tips on how to build emotional intimacy in a new relationship down below!

Discuss Your Needs

It’s difficult to become intimate with someone if neither of you knows what the other person desires in a relationship.

The best advice on how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship is to be honest with one another. If you can’t discuss things with open hearts, it’ll be impossible to find a lasting connection.

Tell your partner that you wish to talk about what you both want out of the relationship so that you can start with the right foundation.

Practice Active Listening

It’s always a turn-off when we talk and our significant other doesn’t listen. That’s why active listening is such an important relationship skill. It helps us pay attention to our loved ones and gets us to engage in the conversation.

If you start practicing active listening, it’ll show that you care and will strengthen the intimacy in your relationship. Don’t forget to ask your significant other to do the same in return!

Try Something New

A great way to grow closer with your significant other is to go on a new adventure together. This doesn’t always mean that you need to tackle a wild hike up a treacherous mountain. Going to a brand-new restaurant or trying a new hobby together works wonders as well.

It’s also good to try new things within the romantic side of the relationship. Try something a little daring or risqué and make sure to have a look at different products to help enhance your intimate times together.

The first intimacy in a relationship is always a little awkward, so try to have some fun things to fall back on to lighten the mood!

Dedicate Time for Each Other

No relationship lasts for long without setting time to indulge in one another’s company. It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as it’s together.

As you get more comfortable in the relationship, it’ll be easier to make excuses to not have some dedicated time together. Either you’re both busy with work or you’re too tired to meet up.

By making the effort to see each other for a romantic date every week, you’ll strengthen your relationship. You’ll grow closer as a couple. This leads to better emotional and physical intimacy!

Building Intimacy in a New Relationship Takes Work From Both Sides

After you’ve read through all of these tips, make sure to send this list to your partner as well. It’s not only up to you to make this new relationship work.

Since intimacy in a new relationship is so important, take the time to figure out how to balance both of your desires and needs. Keep at it and soon you’ll find a unique way that works for both of you!

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*Photos by Olya Kobruseva