Tired of Your Routine, Try Something New

Posted August 18, 2021 by in Lifestyle

The life of a modern human is often one without fresh challenges and the rewards are often predictable. It is challenging to be a success in the world without sticking to your plan and working hard. It is easy to become bored or frustrated with the grind; years of college, years of working your way up the career ladder or building a business, and then pouring your money back into investments hoping for a great retirement. It isn’t healthy to live a life without adventure, and success is meaningless without reward.

If you realize that your motivation is slipping, there is a good chance you need to step out of your routine and do something that you will never forget. Shake things up and have a thrill or reward your sacrifices with a bit of extravagance. Here are a few things you could try:

  • Charter a Yacht: There is no better symbol of wealth and luxury than a yacht. If you can’t afford to own one outright, it is still possible to charter one. There is no reason to wait your whole life to experience the finer things in life. For example, you could add a yacht Charter in Phuket, Thailand, to a South East Asia holiday. It would be the icing on the cake, and if your friends are with you, you will remember that experience forever.
  • Sky Diving: There is nothing like jumping out of an airplane to get the adrenalin rushing through the veins. Sky diving is one of the most accessible activities to provide such a high level of excitement and a sense of accomplishment.  This sport is usually not very expensive either. A few days of ground school, and off you go. These days most first jumps are tandem dives, but if you stick with it, solo dives are another level that will give you some bragging rights for the rest of your life.
  • Volunteer at a Developing World Orphanage: One thing that gets people down is the realisation that their lives have, for the most part, been self-centered. Society does tend to push us to meet our own goals first. Putting your enjoyment aside for a moment and helping people that are genuinely in need, and can in no way repay you for your kindness, can give you a different sense of joy. We are social animals, and part of us is wired to serve. It is good to get in touch with the charitable side of your heart.
  • Eat at a Top Tier Restaurant: Good food does a lot to restore the soul. Why not try the best? The world’s top restaurants can be hard to book but with some determination you will find a way. If you are looking for an existential experience, you might find it at a restaurant with some Michelin stars.

These are only four ideas, but the list of possibilities are endless. The important part is realising that although routine is good for material gain, it is also necessary to shake things up occasionally and get your blood pumping.

Extreme thrills, rewards, or giving, are three ways to reset your worldview and give you some energy for the next part of the grind.

*Photos by Chaly