Top 10 Balcony Decoration Ideas

Posted March 30, 2021 by in Decor

Your outdoor space can get a transformation by using planning and budgeting. So, here are a few tips to help you transform your balcony or patio so you can enjoy the happiness of spending your evenings and weekends there this summer.

With planning, you can even add a bar to your balcony and attain a chic look. You can also add bar stools to entertain! and provide the additional seating capacity needed to relax. 

Add a Garden

Even if you do not have a sufficient budget or space to create an outdoor garden, you can invest in a few flower pots to create a

small one.  Another great idea is to invest in a vertical garden alternatives and utilize the existing space to the maximum.

Bring in Stylish Additions

Instead of just putting a basic outdoor seating outside, personalize it by adding outdoor friendly pillows, rugs, and lighting. You would be surprised how different your patio or balcony can look after adding an outdoor rug.

Balcony Planters

If you wish to take up container gardening, you need to choose the right flower pots and plants to achieve the desired results. These containers are a great way to add a unique appeal to your space. Similarly, you can upcycle pots, troughs, old baskets, etc. You can also buy special planters designed to be placed on the railings.

Using the containers and pots appropriately means that you can position your plants anywhere and get sufficient space to personalize your area.

Vertical Garden Shelf

The best idea of managing your space is to use vertical gardening to accent it. Having plants in your outdoor space is pretty much mandatory, but if space is limited, add a vertical garden shelf to maximize the amount of green and space. Another way to vertically garden is to display a thrifted ladder and adding some hanging plants or succulents.

Ceiling Mounted Decor

When it comes to balcony decor, you need to ensure that you have a cozy space for yourself. A small lounge corner can be easily created using poufs and stools. It can be complemented by adding a stylish outdoor rug.

To give more leg space, you need to invest in hanging flower pots. It makes the space free and helps to convey a feeling of lightness.

The Accents and Textures

Pallet furniture is a great way to easily and efficiently furnish your outdoor space on a budget. You can find wooden pallets for cheap on Craigslist and then you can search for cushions with different textures to fit them, or you man make them yourself.

This is way more affordable than buying pallet furniture online as they tend to be very pricey pieces.

Burlap Decor

To get the best results for your balcony decor, you can add natural burlap curtains. It is because privacy is important to keep your outdoor space cozy and secluded. After all, it’s your own personal oasis.

Swinging Seats

Adding elements like swings, etc., helps to bring an air of whimsical appeal to the place. So, whether you like to lounge on the balcony alone or share some moments with your loved one, a swing seat will always be greeted with a smile.

Bamboo Screens

Covering the balcony can protect your space from natural elements and give you much-needed privacy. For instance – outdoor curtains can be hung on the balcony to attain aesthetic appeal. 

On the other hand, a bamboo screen is an all-natural way to give your area a tropical look. Choosing the right screen will help you gain protection from the sun, dust, rain, and hailstorms.

Creating a Bohemian Garden

Bringing in a spacious and well-defined balcony can be a tedious task, yet you can easily redefine the same by bringing in foldable furniture. It helps to save space and gives a chic appeal to the area.

You can take the aid of a professional service provider to ensure that you attain the best results for your space. Ideally, choose furniture that is multipurpose or easy to use.

Ceiling Lamps

To add the perfect bohemian style to the balcony, you need to have colorful ceiling lamp. Adding this quirky element to your space can give it a luxurious vibe. Remember, the ceiling lamp trend is a pricey addition but is surely a good idea if you can afford it.

Statement Walls

Create a statement wall that instantly acts as your de-stress zone. Use creatively designed pieces and style elements to attain the best results. If you love to bring in a traditional appeal, add antique elements of brass decor to the same.

*Photos by Marianne