Top 10 In-Law Suite Basement Renovation Ideas

Posted October 13, 2021 by in Decor

In-Law suites are a fabulous way to make additional living space as a family. A suite for guests is a more luxurious experience and a great addition to a home. It offers a lot of extra space, making the apartment feel much bigger. Homeowners and renters who love hosting game nights, thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special occasions with the family will love the in-law suite as a transformable area.

Creating an extra room for guests or a family member can be as simple as a walk-in closet, or in ideal cases, a full-scale basement conversion that is eye-catching and functional. It overshadows the need to renovate a full house. Plus, it provides the opportunity for a more comfortable living space for fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, uncles, aunts, and other relatives to live with the family.

There are a few things to keep in mind, like the space available, the level of quality, and budget, to mention a few. Below are some basement ideas for in-laws, including some tips on designing such spaces.

In-Law Suite Basement Planning 101

One unique factor homeowners should consider when mapping out an in-law suite is space. How much square footage is available? Is there adequate space for plumbing, electrical, or other needed fixtures? Are the other structures and obstacles to keep in mind? These may include stairs, pillars, or even current structural problems. There may be a need to include special amenities to boost comfort. It is also essential to have a full-scale blueprint to aid with the basement planning. That way, it becomes easier to prioritize one’s needs.

Another considerable factor is budget. What’s affordable to the individual homeowner? Is it a good use of money or money well-spent? In such situations, it will be ideal to hire a professional architect to design the ideal basement suite. A competent designer will offer an in-depth analysis of the space, design the basement, and create a cost-effective plan that makes the most of the space and budget. It is also important to remember that one can never have too much space.

Bear in mind that since it’s an in-law suite basement, the factor of accessibility or movement is also a concern. It is vital to ensure that there is enough room for easy movement, including stairs and other areas. How does the family envision this suite serving as an access point for the elderly? For example, does it easily lead to the main entrance door or the living area? Are there doors leading to the garage?

Since the basement is located underground, adequate insulation and lighting are required to minimize the effect of temperature change and also conserve energy costs. Sufficient heat or air conditioning will also create a more comfortable environment. In addition, note that the best in-law suite designs will include an ideal separate kitchen and bathroom for the in-laws.

Finally, the design should align with local zoning laws.Local building codes require that any changes to the home also need approval by the local authority. Make sure to read the local guidelines as they may have special requirements.

With all the above mentioned, a homeowner can make an informed choice when selecting the ideal designer for an in-law suite basement design

Renovation Ideas for In-Law Suite Basements

A basement can also be a great place for renovation ideas. This place is often where a family will make several improvements. Some people even find that they live more efficiently with the help of a basement!

So, if a homeowner is looking to add some home improvement projects to the basement, here are some ideas to consider:

Fully Functional Kitchen

Among other things, an in-law suite basement focuses on accessibility. It implies that in-laws should be able to make meals with ease. If the main kitchen is located far from the basement, this can be a problem. Adding a fully functional kitchen to the basement can help in this regard. With that, homeowners will not need to worry about in-laws missing a meal.

Full Bathroom

For a good idea, if a homeowner wants to make a bathroom accessible to their in-laws, a full bathroom should be present in the in-law suite basement. Besides, they deserve their space and convenience. No one would love the idea of going through a long journey in a robe to have a shower.

Speaking of convenience, older people may have a hard time catching up with the newest technologies. They might find hi-tech bathrooms frustrating to use. Hence, when installing a bathroom, ensure that user-friendliness comes to mind. Install temperature-controlled, ADA compliant handles and ergonomic bath faucets.


Natural lighting in an enclosed creates a brighter and friendlier atmosphere. It will make the basement more accessible to in-laws, especially those who are visually impaired. They will also find it more comfortable to live during their stay. Glass slides don’t only provide natural lighting, they also allow a sense of freedom for occupants.

Glass slides allow a sense of freedom for the in-law’s visitors. It is also a good way to add an element of style and sophistication to the basement. Artificial lighting also gives the space an ideal ambience and warmth.

Open Concept

Open concept is a design concept that gives all the occupants, regardless of their position in the basement, access to the entire space. The basement suite doesn’t have to feel enclosed or claustrophobic. With an open concept design, the space appears more spacious. Another benefit it provides is easy movement; this is very important when hosting older relatives.

Wooden Floors

It’s time to think about the floor. The basement is often used for storing household items. As a result, not much thought is given to its features, including flooring. Most basements tend to spot concrete floors, which makes the space colder. This flooring type wouldn’t be ideal for an in-law suite basement.

Wooden flooring, on the other hand, is a design feature that can be incorporated into the basement space. It lends a sense of warmth to an otherwise cold and functional space. Additionally, wooden floors are good for the elderly as they keep their feet warm during movement.

Wider Entrances

When designing the basement, it is important to consider the size of the entrances. It is much easier to move a wheelchair through a wider basement entrance. The wider entrance also allows for easier access to the space and helps reduce the risk of trip hazards. It also determines the amount of light that enters the space, which creates a brighter ambience.


Another feature a homeowner can incorporate into an in-law suite basement is soundproofing. It prevents internal and external noises. This is especially important for older people with hearing impairment or other medical conditions. The environment should be calm and relaxing to improve their health. It will also keep the main occupants in the building from hearing the noises from the basement.

In-law suites are a great way to create affordable senior living that provides amenities and services typically found in a separate home. They are cost-effective to create, especially when implementing basement conversions. It provides seniors with easy access to their children and grandchildren.