Top 10 Men’s Summer Fashion Trends of 2019

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With winter comes the extreme temperatures and people usually stay home in order to avoid the cold. When it finally heats up in the summer, people take off the extra layers so they can finally indulge in fashion trends. Summer is that time of the year when light clothing can make the biggest difference.

Summer fashion for guys is always the talk of the town. There are several new trends that are now liked by men and they incorporate them in their routine. For new trends and arrivals, see more!

As you can see, fashion keeps changing. If you’re curious about what’s going on trend wise for men continue reading for the top summer 2019 fashion trends for men:

The Warcore Trend

Tactical vests and combat boots are the latest trends that have become popular. It is one of the simplest ways to style this summer. Men summer fashion includes the pockets on pockets vest that is complemented with combat boots.


One of the men summers fashion trends are shorts. Shorts are available in different styles and colors. They are a perfect match for young guys. This usually is the choice when guys want to wear informal clothing.

This preppy style of the chino short will never get old. They look smart and can be dressed up with a button-up shirt or dressed down with a t-shirt. 

Choose the Right Shirt

Choosing the right shirt is one of the biggest challenges for men. For this, you need to be very careful in order to be able to choose the right one. You will have several options. A Polo shirt would go with pants. This would give you a classy look. Keeping the heat in mind, while choosing button ups make sure it is lightweight linen with long sleeves.


Well, you can keep the dark colored pants away for a while. You need to have pants that are of light shades. Make a good choice and keep neutral colors so they can go with most of the shirts.

No need to be bold with the color choice as it would only make you feel warm in the hot weather. 

Keep the Wardrobe Filled with Light Colors

As summer is here you need to make sure that you have light and neutral colors. Dark is usually a bad choice in the summer as you will feel hotter. Lighter colors tend to be more refreshing to the eye in the heat, and your body will thank you.

With summer coming in, you need to change your wardrobe and remove all the clothing that is of no use (like the dark colors mentioned above, save those for cooler weather). This transition can sometimes be hectic. The same applies to fall. However, worry not as we have some very useful tips to transition your summer wardrobe to fall. 

Denim Jeans

With men summer fashion 2019, the denim style trend is also in. This style has enabled men to feel light and fresh all day long.

The choice of light colors with denim jeans is a perfect choice for men’s summer style. It is lightweight and you will not even feel it while wearing. These are light wash jeans that are topping the charts this summer.

One of the reasons why clothes do not last a long time is the wash time they get. Washing clothes frequently can affect their material as well as quality. This is the reason that you should consider dry cleaning clothes. 

Double Breasted Jackets are Trendy

Whether it is a wedding or any other formal occasion, you cannot go informal. For this purpose, you need to think outside the regular clothing ideas.

These jackets go perfect with pants and you can enjoy wearing them to a formal occasion.

Footwear Style

Well, you can find several options here. Form sneakers to classy wear, there are a lot of options that can cater to your clothing style. 

You must be sure that you have the finest collection. From retro runners to classy black shoes, you can find many options. So, make sure you know the trend as well as the style. 

Boat shoe styles are popular in the summer months as they are practical slip-on footwear that also looks smart. They are normally made of leather and come in a variety of colors. 

Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing is another men’s summer fashion trend. For this, you mix and match the pattern of the shirt and pant. This can go for a casual and informal look. Sometimes men also wear it to formal occasions by mixing a tie and pocket square pattern.

Playful Prints

This is another addition that has taken over the world of fashion. Men’s summer style also includes playful prints. You can try a Cuban collar shirt, and this is a perfect fit for informal gatherings. Why not wear that Hawaiin shirt to your next beach party?

You Know What Is Trendy Now?

Following men’s summer fashion can give you a boost of confidence in the hot summer months. People are now more conscious about their fashion sense and love to dress to impress. These trendy looks and ideas can help you in making your wardrobe a perfect collection of attire for every occasion.

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