Top 20 Things to Do to Make Your Future Wife Happy! (Proven)

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When a woman marries you, they leave behind a lot of things that once made them happy. All because they believe a life with you will make them happier than ever. And it’s your responsibility to make sure of that!  

While it may seem hard, all you need to do to make your future wife happy is give her your unconditional love, care, and trust. They want to be seen as an equal and want you to be open, responsive, non-judgmental, and present. 

Searching for what would make your future wife happy, is a good sign of care and love. However, there are a few more things that will make sure she never feels empty or unhappy! For that, keep reading! 

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How can I make my future wife happy?

Your future wife’s happiness largely depends on how much you care for her. While love, affection, and presence are also important, here are some more things that will ensure your future wife is happy with you: 

#1- Be a good communicator 

Communication is key when it comes to happy relationships. And your future wife and you will need tons of that to understand each other better! Especially in the hard times, don’t just sit back and wait for things to get better. Instead, have a conversation and find a middle ground. 

When she’s acting strange, don’t blame her! But talk to her and understand her perspective; she’ll definitely appreciate this. Communication doesn’t only apply to tougher times but also to other everyday things. 

To keep your wife happy, communicate on things like which furniture to buy or where to go for that special trip! Your future wife will feel very happy to see you involve her while making decisions. 

#2- Be a good listener 

As important as it is to communicate, it’s even more important to be a good listener! Women want their feelings heard and they love a man who can patiently listen to them while venting. So, for your future wife to be happy after marriage, she’d want you to prioritize her talks too! 

#3- Take notice of the little things

Every now and then, your future wife might wear a new earring. Or maybe she’d do her hair a little differently for the day. While these things may seem normal, women love it when their husbands notice! 

The little things matter. And your wife’s face will light up when you notice those small details they added to their lives. 

#4- Try to be as available as possible 

After marriage, the biggest fear a woman has is loneliness. Especially since they leave so much behind to be with their man! And to ensure your future wife never feels this loneliness, try to be as available as you can for her!

Whether it’s for a small get-together or a house party. Or maybe just a movie night that she planned, be there! This will make your future wife very happy as this will make her feel important and loved. 

#5- Be responsive 

Being responsive is also a form of being available. When your wife asks you something, speaks to you about a certain topic, shares something, asks you where you’d like to go, etc. you should always be responsive! 

If you leave her hanging, she’ll feel ignored. But even a simple yes or no answer to her questions can make her very happy! 

6#- Be her guardian 

For your future wife to be happy, she needs to feel protected. Though she’s probably around your age, she’d still want you to guard her like a parent. Even showing small signs of concern when she’s going somewhere far will make her feel cared for. 

Make sure you show up at those events, parties, etc. just like her dad once did when she was a kid. This sense of security and love is the key to a happy marriage. 

7#- Don’t be over-possessive 

While concern and care are important, being over-possessive is a big red flag! Your wife wants a guardian, but not someone sticking onto her 24/7. Don’t tag along to every event she goes to, give her some space of her own. 

At the same time, don’t show too much concern, love, worry or fear! This will give out a feeling of doubt. While women do want their husbands to be like a parent, they don’t want to be treated like children. 

#8- Don’t be judgemental of her 

One of the biggest fears women bear their whole life is the fear of judgment. You can be sure that your wife has faced a lot of judgment for her decisions even before she met you. 

And after marriage, it’s your responsibility to make her feel safe to live her life without being judged. If you can ensure that, your future wife will be one happy woman! 

#9- Be open and vulnerable

It’s important for you to be emotionally healthy for your future wife to be happy. And for that, you need to be open and vulnerable to her. By being expressive to your future wife, you’ll not only be helping yourself but also expressing your trust in her. 

You won’t be able to make your future wife happy unless you work on yourself first. And being honest with your emotions is key to that. 

#10- Make her laugh 

Happiness can’t exist without laughter. You don’t have to be a comedian, just make a joke or two here and there and make your wife laugh. If the relationship goes as far as marriage, she definitely finds you funny in some ways. 

So, just make sure that doesn’t go away. If the laughter is there, your future wife will be a happy woman with you. 

#11- Give her feelings priority & validation 

Women after marriage are usually very vulnerable. At that time, they often presume they don’t matter. But as a good husband, it’s your duty to give their feelings priority and validation. 

Make it clear that you care, and show them that you prioritize their emotions. This validation is important for them to know they’re not alone and that they matter! And your future wife will be very happy to have this support. 

#12- Help her share and open up 

For her to be emotionally expressive is not always easy. And as a husband, you have the responsibility to help her share and open up with you. As we discussed before, being healthy emotionally is essential for happiness. 

So, even if your future wife struggles to be vulnerable with you, guide her. Don’t blame or court her for not being able to share! Instead, help her open up to you. She’ll definitely be happy to see your efforts!

#13- Don’t always try to fix things 

If you love your wife, you’d want to fix up your little arguments as soon as possible. But, it’s also important to not be desperate. Sometimes, your future wife will just need some time to process. 

To fix some of those fights earlier, sometimes you just need to allow her to vent. Let her scream her sorrows out. Try to understand that women are extremely emotional, even more than men! And if you get too desperate to fix things, she’ll get overwhelmed and unhappy. 

#14- Be accepting of her freedom 

Being an independent human being, your wife will want her freedom respected. For your future wife to be happy, you need to give her space and time to live her own life without you. 

These kinds of sacrifices are essential for a healthy marriage. As we mentioned before, being too possessive or concerned is not a good thing! Remember, she’s an adult herself, and seeing you accept her freedom will make her very happy. 

#15- Get her gifts 

Every girl loves a husband who gets them gifts! And it doesn’t even have to be something big, just a box of chocolates with some flowers are enough to make a woman happy!

Getting gifts for your future wife at times like her birthday, new years, Christmas, etc. will make her feel cared for and happy. Treat your woman well and she’ll treat you like a king! 

#16- Show tons of affection 

Sometimes after marriage, the romance fades away. And no woman likes that. So, to keep your future wife happy, show her tons of affection! Don’t be shy about kissing and hugging her or telling her how much you love her. 

Affection can make a person not only feel happy but also loved, cared for, and validated. Even a simple flirty text can go a long way! And if you love them, why won’t you show them? 

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#17- Plan trips 

The city can get quite boring from time to time. And planning trips with your future wife can help you both get rid of that boredom. Trips also help with lifting your mood and bringing excitement to your married life. 

But the important part about these trips is for you to try and plan them instead of your wife! Get her opinion or keep an eye out for the location, but save her the trouble of making the plan. 

Women naturally aren’t the best at making decisions. And your future wife will be very happy if you noticed that! 

#18- Go on dates with her 

After marriage, most couples start acting differently. They often get overwhelmed with their new life and stop being themselves. One trait like this is, stopping the dates! 

Marriage is otherwise an official tie for your relationship. But that shouldn’t change how you used to be before marriage. So, take your future wife on occasional dates, plan surprise dinners, bring her flowers, and definitely dress up for her! 

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you need to stop making an effort to impress her. She’s still the only girl to impress in the room. And if you keep this in mind, your future wife will be very happy as most women expect this from their man! 

#19- Be honest and loyal 

As we’re towards the end, we’ll include the two most important things to make your future wife happy. Firstly, being honest and loyal. Even though it’s the bare minimum, the world is quite different and complicated. 

Loyalty and honesty is often a trait missing in most men. And your future wife will certainly fear losing you if she loves you! But the blind faith she puts in you should be met with your loyalty. 

Don’t give in to any bad urges, rather, love her with all the honesty in your heart. Only then will you be able to make your future wife happy! 

#20- Don’t change 

Lastly, don’t change who she fell in love with! Maturing is important, and as you grow some things will change in you. But, the things your future wife would have seen in you shouldn’t change. 

Especially the love you gave her before marriage. Most people fear their partners to lose interest or in other words, change. And by staying true to yourself and to her, can you make sure your future wife is always the happiest with you! 

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Romantic Love Messages to Send to Your Future Wife 

One of the best ways to keep the romance brewing with your wife is to send her an occasional romantic text! Even when you’re working, you can send these messages to flirt and show affection. For your future wife’s happiness, you need to learn these romantic text messages: 

  • I can’t wait to be your husband 
  • Just checking in to see how my soon-to-be wife is doing 
  • Good morning beautiful
  • Hey, love, want to go for dinner tonight? 
  • I’m so tired, I want to lay in your arms! 
  • Not having the best day, I need your hugs!
  • Hey, send me a picture of you, I want to see you! 
  • Hey there, would you like to be my date? 
  • All I need is you, and all my problems would be solved 
  • I don’t need therapy I got you, my love 
  • I learned happiness because of you 
  • I didn’t know how to smile properly until I saw you 
  • To say you’re my girlfriend feels wrong, let’s get married! 
  • Can you not be beside me forever? 
  • Together forever, that’s the only promise I need from you! 

There are a lot of other things you can send your future wife to lift her mood! You can get more ideas from here as well: 101 Romantic Love Messages for Wife (

Romantic Gifts for Your Future Wife 

As we mentioned earlier, you can make your future wife very happy by getting her gifts! And while no one knows her as well as you, here are some romantic gifts that she’ll definitely love: 

  • A bouquet of flowers 
  • Her favorite chocolates 
  • Her favorite dress 
  • That one weird thing she always talks about 
  • A picture frame with your and her picture
  • A love letter with the gift 
  • A song 
  • A book 
  • A ticket to her favorite destination 
  • Jewelry  
  • A ring 
  • A bag from her favorite brand 
  • Shoes 

Frequently Asked Questions 

To round up everything we’ve talked about today, here are some frequently asked questions! These questions will touch more on the close corners of today’s topic to remove further confusion! 

What do women expect from their husbands after marriage? 

Women expect love, care, and honesty from their husbands after marriage. Women don’t need materialistic things to be happy. All they want is unconditional love! 

What makes women the most unhappy after marriage? 

Dishonesty, lack of care, and inability to maintain responsibilities make women the most unhappy after a marriage. These traits usually hint at a lack of love in people! 

What makes a happy wife? 

Your unconditional love makes a happy wife! After marriage, your wife is sharing her whole life with you. And her happiness largely depends on how much you truly care and love her!

Will a planned trip make my future wife happy? 

Yes, a planned trip will certainly make your future wife happy. Everyday life can get boring and gray. And a trip without work or chores can help refresh your wife’s mood and mind! 

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Most women don’t want much from their husbands after marriage. It’s just the main three things, love, care, and loyalty. As long as you remember these three things and understand how to express them, your future wife will be happy with you! 

The easiest way to do this is to communicate with her. Remember, even after marriage, you’ll be knowing sides of her you never knew before. And to understand how she is, and what makes her happy, you need to talk to her. 

Put emphasis on making her comfortable with you and she will tell you what would make her happy. But all together, don’t be afraid! Love is all about learning! 

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