Top 3 Military Watches for Everyday Use

Posted March 10, 2022 by in Fashion

Military watches have become extremely popular among outdoor survivalists, extreme sport lovers, and anyone who needs a timekeeping mechanism that can endure the harshest conditions while keeping accurate time. So if you need something robust, shock-resistant, and precise that you can wear daily, you should choose from the top military watches:

Military-Style Watches Are Not Only for Military People

Military-style watches are waterproof and shock-resistant. But since watches have different water-resistant levels, you should pick the one that fits your needs. For instance, military watches with 5ATM water resistance can withstand showers and water splashes. 

Apart from these features, military watches are also known for having an enormous power reserve. Some watches can run for more than 24 hours without requiring winding. Military watches also have a utilitarian design, an essential feature for timepieces used by soldiers and tactical outdoorsmen. Some military watches have advanced features such as a barometer, moon calendar, and compass. Therefore, you can get a military-style watch suitable for your activities.

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Best Military Watch Under 500

Although many military watches had been issued during the war, no timepiece became as iconic as the A-11. Thousands of A-11 watches were made during WW2. And even though the war had ended a long time ago, the A-11 remained a classic favorite among watch and military enthusiasts. Many brands have replicated the A-11 through the years, adding a few functionalities and twists to the legendary timepiece. And one of them is Praesidus. 

The Praesidus A-11 is a replica of the watch that Tom Rice lost, the WW2 veteran and American paratrooper who was the inspiration for this watch. Tom lost his A-11 while parachuting from a C-47 on June 6, 1944. Praesidus revived the watch to honor Tom and his comrades who fought in the war.

The brand retained the classic aesthetics of the original watch while adding several features that would make it suitable for the needs of a modern man. With its classic and rugged design, the Praesidus A-11 is among the top budget military watches today. And if you want to wear a military-inspired watch that would let you take a trip down memory lane, here are your best options.

  1. Black Dial Military Watch with Nylon Strap

The Praesidus A-11 is the perfect option for fashion-conscious outdoorsmen. With its uncluttered black dial, comfortable brown nylon strap, and solid case, this watch is functional and rugged enough to withstand anything. Designed for daily maneuver, the Praesidus A-11 is one fine timepiece that boasts unparalleled strength and functionality.

A double dome glass protects the dial and its automatic movement. The luminous hands and hour markers offer enhanced visibility and legibility in low-light environments. Together, these features form a top military watch with a nostalgic charm. 

Black Dial Military Watch with Nylon Strap from Praesidus
  1. Black Dial Military Watch with Canvas Strap

This watch sports a black dial with luminous brown dots, cathedral-style hands, and green Arabic numerals. Assembled in the US and powered by an automatic NH35 movement, this watch is a lightweight timekeeping mechanism that you can wear on all occasions. It has a green canvas strap with a solid buckle that secures the timepiece firmly on the wrist.

A double dome glass protects the dial from dirt, dust, and other elements. And you don’t need to worry about water splashes since it’s water-resistant up to 5ATM. This watch is suitable for shallow-water activities such as swimming in the ocean or pool. An engraving of the watch model, Tom Rice’s name, and the 101st Airborne Division can be seen on the caseback. The D-Day date is also engraved on the caseback to commemorate the day Tom lost his watch. 

Black Dial Military Watch with Canvas Strap from Praesidus
  1. White Dial Military Watch with Leather Strap

This watch is a robust timekeeping tool with a cream-white dial and water repellent brown leather strap. The black indexes and luminous hour hands and dots surrounding the large Arabic numerals make it easy to check and read the time. The hour hands and dots emit a soft green glow, enhancing legibility and visibility in dark environments. The watch features a stainless steel case with a sandblast finish. You can choose either the 38mm or the 42mm case. 

Both versions have 5ATM water resistance, automatic NH35 movement, and double dome glass with an AR coating. The main difference between these cases is that the 42mm version has slightly larger hour hands than the 38mm case. So if you need a top military watch you can wear every day, then choosing the Praesidus A-11 is a no-brainer. 

White Dial Military Watch with Leather Strap from Praesidus

Harsh environments and conditions call for a tough and reliable military watch. With its rugged yet aesthetically pleasing design, this timekeeping tool is the perfect accessory for anyone who needs a masculine, durable, and high-quality watch suitable for daily wear.