Top 3 Mods for a BMW F650

Posted October 14, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Top 3 Mods for a BMW F650

Whether you want to instill more power into your BMW F650, modify its appearance to make it more “you” or both, be sure to use only the best BMW F650 OEM parts and aftermarket components for your mods.

That said, you may want to know where you should begin with your customization. Should you mess with power or appearance first? Though every rider’s needs are unique, there are three modifications that seem to be popular among F650 owners and from which you may benefit as well.

Top Considerations 

Before you go ahead and spend your hard-earned cash on new or aftermarket components, you need to first consider your bike’s needs. For instance, you may want to install a new exhaust pipe for purely aesthetic reasons, but your bike may be wanting for a new radiator. While the new pipe would look cool, your radiator literally keeps your bike cool. Without it, your motorcycle’s engine is at risk of overheating and breaking down every X amount of miles you ride. In this situation, the radiator would be the wisest investment.

Modifying your bike is not like shopping for the best motorcycle protective riding gear — you need to be smart about the mods you choose because, unlike riding gear, they could make or break your bike’s performance.

Add a Windshield

Once you’ve taken care of your bike’s needs, you’re free to move onto the want. For many bikers, a windshield is not necessarily a want but rather, a curiosity. What’s the appeal of a windshield? To find out, many make the simple and affordable modification, and it turns out, most love it. You can pick up a quality windshield from a top brand such as Puig Touring or Moose Racing for less than a day’s worth of pay.

Whether you use your bike for touring, commuting or off-roading, a windshield can drastically improve the quality of your ride, as it can remove the wind blast to your face and chest and therefore combat back pain, arm strain and fatigue.

Install a Luggage Rack 

Because the BMW F650 is often used as a touring bike, one of the most popular modifications to it involves installing a luggage rack and hard luggage. If you plan to put miles on your motorcycle, invest in a luggage rack from Moose Racing or AltRider. Like the windshield, a luggage rack is an affordable and easy-to-make modification. You can also remove it to make your bike more aerodynamic for those days when you want to hit the trails. If keeping your bike equipped with genuine BMW parts is important to you, strap a top box or pannier from BMW to the rack for good measure.

Heated Grips

Keep your hands warm even on the coldest of days with grip hand warmers. Like the other two modifications, installing hand warmers is easy, and it won’t cost you much. However, it will pay dividends when you’re able to ride late into fall and in early spring, times when other bikers are forced to keep their machines in storage.

As a bike owner, you need a go-to source for OEM and aftermarket parts and riding gear. Shop online for the best of the best today.