Top 4 Products You Need for a Beautiful Front Lawn

Posted April 24, 2023 by in Home

Beauty is only skin deep is probably the perfect cliche when it comes to lawn care. There is actually a lot of effort and forethought that goes into keeping a lawn picturesque. With the proper nutrition and guidance, your lawn could blossom into just that: a magazine worthy front lawn. 

You don’t have to be specialized in lawn care to be able to make a drastic difference in your lawn’s appearance. The four points below are the basics to get you started on your conquest for a better lawn. 

1. Weed Killer

Pesky weeds can go from a minor blemish to an intrusive problem quickly in the right season. In order to keep your lawn looking sharp, a good weed killer might need to be applied while you prepare your lawn. Weeds are incredibly durable and can grow in the worst of conditions. Make sure to remove as many as possible before you begin using fertilizer on  your lawn. 

2. Fertilizer 

Fertilizer might seem excessive in some circles, or reserved for golf courses and sports fields. In reality, everyone could benefit from a touch of fertilizer to their yard. We all need to eat, and the same goes for our plants as well. A little bit of fertilizer could mean the difference between a relatively full yard and a dense, plush golf course in front of your house. Feeding your lawn the proper mix of nutrients will keep you happy and lush while doing amazing things for your curb appeal. 

3. Proper Watering

Watering your lawn regularly, within county and state guidelines, is essential to its health and longevity through the season. You don’t have to water your lawn every day, and really shouldn’t. Instead, water your lawn at the optimal time of day such as dusk and dawn before the temperature is high and the sun is beating down on the grass. It is a bit of extra effort if you don’t already have a sprinkler system installed, but it will make a world of difference for your lawn. 

4. A Good Mower

Cutting your grass regularly is a good way to increase its fullness and growth. As you cut grass down, it sends signals back to the root system essentially telling the roots that there was an error. The grass got cut down so the roots should spread out and find a safer location to send shoots. A regular cycle of habitual cutting will help to keep your lawn full and even. It will also form a denser root network which will help deter new weeds from growing there. 

Look forward to a long season of enjoying your time in the yard as well as compliments from the neighbors when you use the steps to care for your lawn. Giving your front lawn a touch up will affect the overall curb appeal to your house. You’ll be able to walk up to your front door with a smile on your face as you enjoy the look of your lawn seasonal makeover.