Top 4 Skills for a Successful Manager

Posted November 11, 2020 by in Career

Being a manager can be overwhelming from time to time, but it can be a great career if you learn how to handle different situations in creative ways. Creativity is what most managers lack nowadays, so it’s sometimes difficult to get accustomed to new problems that can arise during stressful periods.

The main goal is to keep everything in order so you can lead the employees effectively and without putting too much pressure on them. Check out the list below and see if you have what it takes to become a successful manager:


You have to be able to work under pressure and show that you can multitask at all times, even when things are falling apart. Being able to motivate others is a key skill to possess. You can always improve your managerial skills with the aid of courses in management.

In these courses you learn how to analyze, communicate strategically and manage different projects so both clients and the employees are satisfied. You have to learn how to be in charge and communicate clearly with your subordinates because only then you can be sure that they understand the importance of the tasks you assign to them.


As we already mentioned, communication is of utmost importance. When you have a goal that you need to achieve, you have to make sure that all the employees or partners with whom you work on the project understand how much they actually contribute to fulfilling the task.

Communication within a team can definitely make or break a project. You don’t want others to feel insecure about voicing their opinion, but always encourage them to speak up their mind even if others don’t agree with their opinion. Get to know the people you work with, because it will be much easier for you to understand their creative process and their way of thinking.

Building a strong relationship with your teammates is the core of every successful project. 


New ideas, abstract thinking and coming up with creative solutions are all a big part of your vision. You have to inspire others to work on themselves by providing ideas and setting higher goals each time. Break up the monotony of a project by offering creative solutions and giving your team time to think about how they can improve your creative strategy.

Be open to suggestions and changes, but keep in mind that you should make the decision based on the strategy and the data you have at the moment. Be flexible, but don’t allow anyone to disrupt your concept. If others interfere too much, the decision-making process can become a real nightmare.

Emotional Intelligence

We’re all humans and it’s impossible not to make a mistake, feel hurt or just have a bad day. Your main goal is a successful project, but keep in mind that you work with people, not machines. Sometimes they struggle because of their personal issues they can’t leave behind, so it’s important that you give them enough support, validation and motivation so they can feel better about themselves.

Don’t neglect their feelings and needs, just be understanding and kind to everyone, and they will appreciate it much more than yelling or verbally abusing them. 

This job position comes with a great responsibility, so accept the fact that sometimes you’ll be responsible for the failure of your team members. People have to respect your decisions, but you also have to respect the effort they put in. Stand up for yourself and your decision, and defend your employees if that’s the right thing to do.

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