Top 5 Best Materials for Outdoor Fire Pits

Posted May 17, 2022 by in Home

Fire pits are great outdoor additions. They can spruce up a plain yard with sizzling flames while serving as a place where you and your friends and family can gather for afternoon barbecues, toast some marshmallows, make s’mores on cold nights, and enjoy the warm source of light while chatting the night away. 

However, before you add a fire pit to your outdoor space, you need to pick a material that provides aesthetics and functionality.

Below are 5 of the best materials for outdoor fire pits. 

A Group of Friends Sitting in Front of a Fire Pit

  1. Copper Fire Pits 

Copper fire pits do not rust or corrode, are lightweight and easy to carry around, have deep bowls that can hold large fires, and come with grates, making them an excellent cooking platform. Copper is a pliable material that can be shaped into different variations. 

Copper fire pits come in different colors ranging from a yellowish-to-reddish brown to an orange-red. With tens of color options, you can choose one that blends with your design scheme. The price of copper varies; however, it is more on the expensive side. 

  1. Steel Fire Pits

Steel fire pits are lighter in weight than copper fire pits, resistant to weather damage, resistant to heat damage such as warping or melting, and they are relatively inexpensive. Steel is easy to work with and shape due to its high ductility. This means that you can have your steel fire pit designed to fit the aesthetics of your patio or yard and have it made at a size that can fit your space. Steel is cheaper than copper, but you will have to part with a few hundred dollars to buy the material. Carbon steel from FastMetals might be a good option to check out if you’re making your own fire pit. 

  1. Concrete Fire Pits

Concrete fire pits are easy to cast, low-maintenance since cleaning is not required (but when it is, spraying it down with a hose is enough), and resistant to water damage, so cracking, warping, and staining will not often occur. Concrete fire pits are not as aesthetically pleasing as copper fire pits, but you can improve the aesthetics of a concrete fire pit by painting the concrete or buying tinted concrete. Concrete is a lower-cost option and is ideal if you are working with a limited budget. 

  1. Brick Fire Pits

Brick fire pits are durable, can be laid to create different shapes and sizes, and retain heat for longer periods. Bricks come in different styles and colors to suit your yard or patio. Brick fire pits are just as expensive as copper fire pits because they are not easy to lay and are in high demand. 

  1. Stacked Stone Fire Pits

Stacked stone fire pits are durable, low-maintenance, and easy to stack. The installation process involves carefully stacking irregular stones together to create a unique look. Stones come in different shapes, and colors range from strong grays to pale whites. Stones are not expensive materials; however, the specialized labor required to stack them can drive up the cost.

These are 5 of the best materials you can choose from when constructing a fire pit. When making your choice, consider the durability, functionality, and cost of the material. Doing so will ensure that you enjoy your outdoor fire pit for longer.