Top 5 Indian Ethnic Outfits To Make For A Stunning Bride

Posted August 17, 2020 by in Fashion
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A wedding is the most widely celebrated event in India. It is considered an auspicious occasion that has to be commemorated with a great deal of more exotic things, such as food, venue, and clothing. Since India is a diverse country, the wedding Indian ethnic clothing differs depending upon the religion, caste, state, etc.

Indian ethnic outfits for brides come in varied ranges and designs. Picking a desirable dress for the big day is difficult for both the bride and her family. To make the job easier, below are the top 5 type Indian ethnic dresses that will simply look gorgeous on the bride:

Indian wedding

Trending Indian Ethnic Outfits For Bridal Clothing

The latest fashion trends revolving around bridal clothing are always changing. Well-known designers come up with a new line of bridal couture almost every year and set new fashion trends for bridal Indian ethnic dress goals for the year’s wedding season. While some trends are left behind from the previous year, other trends manage to make their way into the current season, too.

Which Ethnic Outfit Should I Choose For My Wedding?

There’s a myriad of wedding outfits options to choose from and not enough time. To take off some wedding stress, here’s a curated list of top Indian ethic outfits that will look stunning on the bride.

  • Sarees: The Pride Of Southern India – Although you will find women of India wearing saree across the 29 states, it is most frequently worn by women of south India. Home to the silk Kanchipuram/Kanjeevaram sarees, it proudly represents the ethnicity of the southern states. They are hand-woven, and the intricate details on each saree make it unique and a valuable part of the Indian fashion trends. 

Heavy Banarasi sarees are also known for their top-notch quality silk threads and authentic designs. These qualities make saree one of the suitable bridal wear alternatives. The bride will look simply stunning in a heavy designer hand-spun saree, made from pure silk and gold threads. The designs of the blouse can also be modified to make the overall ensemble look trendy.

  • Everybody’s Favorite Lehenga Choli – The most popular outfit choice of any soon-to-be bride is designer lehenga choli. The flowy skirt, blouse including dupatta is a classic elegant combination for any bride. Reputed designers like Sabyasachi have designed exquisite looking bridal lehenga cholis throughout the years that were worn by not only the common brides but also famous personalities alike. 

The useful thing about this outfit is that the lehenga or the skirt can be designed in several ways- for instance, one can add ruffles, rhinestones, or even frills to make it a part of Indian fashion trends. The bride can choose to color-block her lehenga choli, or even go with the basic monochromatic look. Either way, she will look a stunner on her big day. Wearing heavy chokers or layered necklaces and matching earrings with a semi-low cut blouse seems to be the latest trend. 

  • Good Old Salwar Kameez – It may sound simplistic and not bridal wear worthy, but with a few changes that are done by fashion designers, it has changed the entire perspective of their stand in the bridal wear category. Salwaar kameez can be styled in various ways. The long parallel pants, known for their comfort, are now available in bridal wear. 

The designer kurta with heavily embroidered parallel pants and dupatta will look elegant and sophisticated on the beautiful bride. Another type of pants known is the sharara pants, which seem to be the latest Indian wear ethnic Fads are also a great fit for the top or kameez. The long-layered ruffles or frills add a dramatic flair to the outfit, making it ideal for bridal wear.

  • Perfect Wedding Gown – Christian brides mostly wear gowns as it is a ritual for the bride to walk down the aisle with a white gown. The dress can be of several- for example, it can be strapless with a lacy bodice, or it can also be a full sleeve plain flowy gown. The bride can choose her ideal white dress depending upon her preferences and tastes. The veil is also a crucial part of the ensemble. It also comes in various designs and lengths. Long terrain veil is famously seen on celebrity weddings. 

The fiancée can choose the length of the terrain, according to her comfort. With the growing popularity of gowns, many brides outside the Christianity community have also opted to wear colorful, detailed design gowns for their weddings. They come mostly in the shades of pink and red. Indian brides are smart enough to include diverse ethnicities and their dream wedding dress.

  • Anarkali Suits – Indian women have regularly worn Anarkali dresses or Anarkali gowns for occasions such as pooja ceremonies, festivals, etc. This clothing apparel is fashionable among women, and this concept was revolutionized to be a part of the bridal wear collection. Firstly, it is incredibly comfortable to wear throughout the long hours of the ceremony. Secondly, the length of the Anarkali can be customized, so the bride doesn’t have to keep tripping over on her wedding day. 

Since it is a single piece and a contrast to the trendy lehenga choli, the iconic ombre effect can be used during the designing of the dress to make it look contemporary and stylish. Many Anarkalis have a sheer part around the waist area to give it a lehenga choli feel. The pants are mostly cigarette pants as they stick to your skin, making the top the highlight of your outfit.

However, the bride can opt with indian accessories for an edgy look. Step up your accessorizing game and follow the season’s trend of layering with your jewellery. Be it Indian necklaces, rings or bangles, don’t refrain from stacking up.

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In India, the wedding season is never-ending. You can always find one or the other wedding taking place almost every week. A lot of preparations go into making a wedding successful that is worth remembering. With such preparations, making sure the bride, and the family members are at the top of their fashion game is excruciatingly imperative.

These wedding pictures are going to be a valuable part of the rest of the families’ lives, so average outfits are entirely unacceptable. Do meticulous research and keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends for stylish and classy bridal wear options on your marriage day.