Top 5 Key Benefits of Relationship Counseling

Posted June 7, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Did you know that a happy marriage is a life goal for 93% of Americans?  We all want to live happily ever after. But, at the same time, life isn’t a fairy tale.

Relationships are hard work. Sometimes, relationship counseling is the best way to strengthen or repair a partnership — even if you aren’t yet married. Counseling can be a rewarding experience provided you put in the work.

Here are five key benefits you can expect to take away from relationship counseling:

  1. Improved Communication

In a 2013 study, analysts polled 100 relationship counselors about the biggest reasons why couples split up. Their findings pointed to one major factor: Communication. 65% of respondents claimed that poor communication is the biggest thing that couples struggle with.

Everyone communicates in their own unique way. Some forms of communication, like body language, are even subconscious. Relationship counseling can help you better understand your partner’s communication style so both parties can express themselves and their needs in a more positive, constructive tone.

  1. A Better Understanding of Your Partner’s Drives and Goals

What is it that gets you up in the morning? Besides your alarm clock, that is. Everyone has a drive. Something they’re passionate about that keeps them going, even on the toughest of days.

In many successful relationships, these passions and goals align or are at least understood. His Secret Obsession by James Bauer, for instance, suggests that men aren’t driven by money or sex. Instead, they’re driven by what Bauer calls the Hero Instinct, or the need to feel needed.

A licensed counselor can help you and your partner figure out what you both want out of life and how those goals sync up.

  1. Assistance with Intimacy Issues

Physical intimacy is extremely important in a relationship. It reaffirms passion, releases endorphins, and helps partners feel closer to one another. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way.

Maybe you’re fighting, or you’re both busy with work or taking care of your children. Before you know it, those passionate nights are a thing of the past. It happens. In fact, a lot of couples struggle with intimacy issues. Counseling is a wonderful opportunity to get some tips and learn techniques that’ll bring the spark back to your bedroom.

  1. A Steady Build-Up of Trust

There’s so much more to intimacy than what goes on in the bedroom. Sharing intimate moments with your partner also means trusting them completely and opening up to them.

It isn’t always easy for people to open up. Especially if past events have led partners to shut each other out.

  1. Counseling Starts Your Marriage on the Right Foot

Relationship counseling isn’t only for troubled couples, though. Counseling can also be a great resource for couples considering marriage. Undergoing a few counseling sessions before your tie the knot can help you learn more about your partner and see how compatible you two really are.

How Relationship Counseling Can Improve Your Partnership

Relationship counseling is a wonderful resource for any couple. Attending counseling doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed to fail, or that there’s something wrong with either of you. Quite the opposite, in fact. Showing up to counseling shows that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your relationship work.

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