Top 5 Luxury Home Builders to Build Your Dream Home in Melbourne

Posted May 27, 2022 by in Home
Suburban house in the process of being built

The process of building a house, one that you can call your own palace is definitely an immense task. You need to take into consideration a lot of components in the process – the needs, the trends, and the comfort.

Plus, with time your needs also keep evolving. So, if you didn’t want a separate walking closet before, you might want to have one now. So, in that limited space, what you want and need should be built and executed wisely.

The House construction business has picked up over the years in Australia, its market size is worth $75 billion in Australia. With the home-building business gaining so much importance, and with so many choices on the plate, you can be overwhelmed to pick the right person.

So, here are enlisted our top 5 picks of luxury home builders in Melbourne, Victoria to help you design and construct your dream home:

1. MJS Construction Group

It stands where it is today, after years of experience, hard work, and the assurance of providing the best results. They pay attention to every possible detail and make sure you are on the same page with the process.

The sophistication reflected in their work is remarkable. They also focus on developing healthy relations with the clients and have strong ties with private clients as well as big property dealers.

2. VBuild

VBuild Melbourne Pty Ltd. will turn your idea of a dream home into a beautiful reality. The end results they provide are bound to make every customer happy and satisfied.

They use high-quality materials in their construction processes, to make sure every nook and corner of the building is safe and sound. They don’t believe in the utilization of inexpensive substitutes for building homes, because it will just augment the maintenance costs in the future.

They inspect every minute detail, so that adds to their reliability. Further, they take into account the client’s needs and make sure that they are informed about every small development made.

3. Highview Homes

It was set up in 1965 and is to date the most renowned home builder in designing and constructing Australian period-style houses. The Founding Director, Rex Sheppard has set up remarkable standards with his industry’s authentic work and emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Highview Homes still find it equally important to keep up the traditional styles alive amidst the evolution of house designs in these modern times.

Presently, the second and third generations are making the business reach greater heights and carrying the legacy forward. A number of employees have been working for Highview Homes for over 25 years now.

4. Langford Jones Homes

They have been in this business, designing beautiful houses for the past 45 years. They are a family-managed company. If you are not too sure about what you want, they can assist you with their amazing design collections. Or, you can also communicate your ideas to them and they’ll make sure it is all a reality by the time of handover.

They have the finest designs based on the latest trends and needs, and you might also find something better and sustainable by taking a peek into them. Thereafter, you can then contact their team to make necessary changes to their designs based on your requirements and lifestyle demands.

They are amazing to work with to bring your vision of a perfect luxury home to life. From the start to the moving-in day, they take care of everything.

5. Destination Living

Destination Living has over two decades of experience in this business and has been providing the best results ever since. They will build a custom home for you with your needs and interests at the heart of every development made.

Their team consists of elite architects, designers, and builders, all under one roof. Learn more about luxury architectural designs. Further, they are one of the best luxury home builders Melbourne who help you design all kinds of spaces irrespective of their shape, slope, etc., and translate your custom ideas into a reality.

The very step of building a luxury home for you and your family is a big one. You need to be wise with every decision. After all, your house isn’t just a place where you find comfort, but it’s also a reflection of who you are and your lifestyle needs. So, take a look at our 5 picks, do your own research, and then make a decision!