Top 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Understand Hints Your Woman Gives You

Posted November 18, 2020 by in Lifestyle

How often have you heard from your women friend that their boyfriends are terrible at picking up their hints? I can bet that you have heard a lot about it. Unfortunately, it is not a myth but a reality we are forced to live in.

The majority of men are terrible when it comes to picking up hints from their women, even if those hints are pretty obvious. Furthermore, quite often, this leads to general dissatisfaction in relationships and may even turn into a problem that potentially can destroy your relationship.

So, before picking up someone on sweety dates, make sure that you are ready to pick up her hints too.

1. She is better at recognizing emotions

The first reason lies in our nature. It is not a secret that women are much better when it comes to the emotional aspect of our lives. They can easily understand and recognize emotions, while men often miss important things. This is the main reason why men are bad at understanding hints. She drops her hints believing, and from her perspective, it seems that those hints are pretty obvious. However, due to the fact that men are worse at recognizing emotions, those hints are far less obvious for you.

It is true that more feminine men are much better at picking up hints. Sadly, there is not much you can do to improve this aspect.

2. You are not attentive enough

While you can’t work on the previous problem, this one is fully up to you. Quite often, men don’t understand hints simply because they don’t listen attentively enough to their significant others. It is true that ladies tend to talk way more than men, and that it is pretty hard to be attentive in a conversation when you feel tired after the hard work. But this is not an excuse not to be attentive to your woman.

Hence, if you want to understand her hints, make sure that you actually hear them. So, when you have a conversation with her, forget about other activities and completely focus on her.

3. Intuitive thinking

Another reason why women are better at hints is that they have intuitive thinking. While you try to apply logic and sense to their words and try to analyze their speak word by word trying not to miss anything important, they just feel it.

This is why girls better understand each other even than husbands and wives who have been together for several years. It is true that rational thinking is far less effective than intuitional one, but this is your only tool. While you can develop the speed of your rational thinking, the intuitional one is something you either have or not.

4. You have problems in communication

Quite often, problems in relationships prevent men from understanding hints their women drop them. This problem is truly serious. While your woman may get used to the fact that you don’t understand her hints. Your partner will never feel happy in a relationship if you have problems in communication. Neither will you, so to say.

Hence, before taking any other steps, make sure that you have established a healthy communication. Start with having a serious conversation with her. Discuss your problems and share what bothers you. This will help you to start building your communication from a clean sheet.  

5. Her hints are too tricky to pick up

Yes, in some cases, the problem lies with your girlfriend. Sometimes, women drop almost invisible hints and then truly get disappointed when their men don’t understand them. The best way to resolve this issue is to start giving her your own hints. Thus, you will give her an example of how “healthy” and easy-to-understand hints should look like.

With time, she will understand that her hints are too gentle and subtle to be noticed. In turn, you may try to treat almost all her words as hints. Be attentive to what she says, and as soon as she says that she likes something, try to phrase her with it.