Top 5 Scalp Micropigmentation Benefits to Consider for Men

Posted May 7, 2021 by in Beauty

Do you suffer from male hair thinning or hair loss? More than 80% of men experience some sort of significant hair loss during their lifetime.

Hair loss or thinning can be a major blow to a guy’s confidence and self-esteem. However, there are ways to maintain the look of a full head of hair, and one of the most popular is micropigmentation.

Micropigmentation gives the natural illusion of hair on a person’s scalp with shaded pointillism. Tiny, shaded dots are added onto the scalp, creating a “shadow” that mimics real hair.

To learn about scalp micropigmentation benefits, just keep on reading! 

1. Boosts Confidence

Hair loss impacts a guy’s overall appearance; and oftentimes, this impact causes a decrease in confidence.

With hair loss solutions like micropigmentation, you can look forward to bringing back your confidence with the illusion of a head full of thick hair. You’ll look younger, healthier, and overall more attractive.

2. Affordable

It’s a common misconception that scalp micropigmentation is expensive. On the contrary, the procedure is actually pretty affordable when you take into account what can be gained.

Think about it: scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution to your hair loss. This means that you’ll save a ton of money by not having to buy special hair tonics, creams, or gels. Plus, the cost of scalp micropigmentation is much cheaper than getting hair transplants!

3. Quick and Easy Procedure

Are you concerned about the actual procedure? Don’t be!

The standard scalp micropigmentation procedure is finished in only a couple of hours across a few sessions. You’ll basically be getting fine dots of pigmentation tattooed onto your scalp, but don’t worry, you’ll be given a local anesthetic so that the procedure remains pain-free.

4. Long-Lasting Results

Scalp micropigmentation care is low maintenance, and the procedure provides clients with long-lasting results that they love. 

Since the pigmentation on your scalp will last for years, you won’t have to go in for any touch-ups unless you want to update your look to match a new hairstyle or to get the color changed.

5. Improved Appearance

Scalp micropigmentation gives you the illusion of a scalp filled with lush hair. It improves your overall appearance while hiding imperfections on your scalp and tying your look together.

Say goodbye to bald patches, a thinning hairline, and everything in between with this incredible procedure. Your improved appearance will have you walking out of the procedure with the newly-found confidence that you deserve.

You don’t have to continue hiding your balding head with caps or letting your hair loss cripple your confidence. Now that you’re aware of these incredible scalp micropigmentation benefits, you can schedule an appointment and get back to feeling more “you”!

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