Top 5 Tips to Make Your Atlanta Move Hassle-Free

Posted August 9, 2023 by in Lifestyle

Any kind of move can be daunting. You have to get pre-approved for a loan, find an agent, go through listings, attend open houses, tour properties— and then you have to go through the purchase process! But despite all of the scheduling and paperwork, many people find moving more nerve-wracking.

Don’t. Panic. Yes, there’s a lot to keep track of. But you can take steps to make your move easy and hassle-free!

Stay Organized

Have the things you need to keep track of everything and have an organizational plan. You could put color-coded labels on boxes to know what room they should be in, mark them with a number and write a detailed list assigning what’s inside, or just write all of that information on the box. Keep like items together: boxes of fragile items in one space, boxes of books in another. Then you can go through after you’ve packed up the furniture and work your way from the bulky, heavier items to the more delicate ones.

Break Down Large Tasks

When packing, cleaning, and unpacking, one of the best bits of advice will be to take things one room at a time. You should also clean as you go. Sure, the idea of packing up everything you own and ensuring the place is clean for the next resident can be frightening— but packing up all the knick-knacks on your dresser and then wiping down the wood? Easy-peasy.

You can also take this time to work on decluttering if you want to get rid of some items. Have a donation pile and a place for trash and recycling as you work.

Consider Calling in Professionals

If you’re on a tight turnaround, have a lot going on, or just want to be as relaxed as possible for the move, you don’t have to handle everything yourself! You can hire Atlanta residential movers to help with packing and hauling or a cleaning service to help ensure your new and old properties are spiffed up— or both!

Professional movers can help ensure your most precious belongings make it to your new digs in one piece, and they’ll take extra steps to protect your home during the move. A cleaner can do a thorough, high-quality deep clean of any room you request, ensuring everything is right.

It’s also important to recognize your limits. If you don’t feel comfortable hauling a bed frame around or driving a rented box truck through Atlanta traffic, then don’t do it! Protect yourself from a potential injury or car accident by leaving it to the people who do this daily.

Watch the Weather

Nothing says “What a fun day to move!” like an Atlanta rainstorm. You want to plan for the weather while planning your move, so take steps to protect your things.

Cardboard boxes and wood are especially vulnerable to rain. Have some extra tarps on hand that you can use to cover items while they are being loaded and unloaded. Then think of the humans! You won’t have hands for an umbrella, so have some rain ponchos ready to go.

Next, your floors. You don’t want to be tracking mud and water everywhere. Lay down tarps or paths of cardboard for people to walk on. If you have a garage, you can have someone dry start moving items to the garage for the wet people. If you see any water, don’t wait! Wipe it up before it can dig in.

If you’re moving during the summer instead, worry about UV protection. Have sunscreen for anyone who is helping you, and stay hydrated. Have cool areas and schedule extra time for hauling so people can rest in the AC.

Schedule Carefully

Always expect the unexpected. You never know when a tire will get a flat or the sellers will request two extra days to move out. Make sure you have extra time between closing, move-in, and move-out in case something comes up to cause delays. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll have extra time to start unpacking; if they don’t, you won’t have an even bigger crisis on your hands.

Once you have a closing date for the purchase and the day you can officially move, start scheduling everything else: utilities, movers, cleaning services, and closing on the sale of your current place, if applicable. Leave extra time if the forecast calls for rain so that everyone can drive safely and you have a buffer for any watery delays.

Woman in orange sweater standing in a room filled with moving boxes

Moving can be a daunting experience, but nothing beats the feeling of sliding those shiny keys into your brand-new home. Take a deep breath, and then take the first steps into the next chapter of your life.