Top Art School Scholarships to Look Into

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Art is an important part of human culture, and currently, there are a lot of schools that recognize this and are teaching advanced topics on the concept of art. A lot of students enroll each year; however, some drop out and can’t even apply because they can’t afford the fees. These are the student who can really benefit from scholarships. In this article, we discuss 4 art college scholarships that you can apply for to help you pursue an art degree.

4 of the Best Art College Scholarships

This section will go over some of the best scholarships if you plan to go for an Arts related course. Here are 4 of the best Arts College Scholarships:

  1. Arts for Life! Scholarships

The organization “Arts for Life!” is based in Florida, and since 1999 it has given up to 450 artistically driven high school seniors the support needed to pursue an art-related college degree. This scholarship doesn’t only focus on the visual arts but also has provisions to support other forms of art such as creative writing, drama, dancing, and others. 

To qualify, you must be a high school senior in a Florida school at the time of application. You need to submit an essay that explains how the arts have managed to inspire you, and also submit a portfolio of some of your works. If you find it tough writing essays, you might want to consider using the essays deluxe , so that the final essay is of top quality. Each year, the scholarship awards 25 high school students the sum of $1,000. 

  1. Betty Harlan Memorial Scholarships

Betty Harlan was a well-respected member of Northern Illinois who was known for her artistic works and kind nature. This scholarship was named after her as a way of honoring her.

Betty Harlan had a dream of pursuing an education in the arts, but she couldn’t as a result of financial restrictions. While Betty Harlan couldn’t fulfill this dream of hers, this scholarship aims to help one student each year to fulfill their dream of pursuing a college degree in the arts.

  1. Art Renewal Center Scholarship Competition

This scholarship, also referred to as the ARC scholarship, focuses on providing young and upcoming artists with the foundation and support needed to pursue their goals. One way they are achieving this is by awarding scholarships to student painters and sculptors who, through their art, can profoundly communicate human values. 

To enter into the competition, there are no application fees. You just need to submit samples of your work, and if you’re among the ten contestants to win the competition, the sum of $3,000 will be awarded to each of the ten finalists.

  1. The Against the Grain Artistic Scholarships

This scholarship was designed for Asian American students looking to pursue an art-related degree path in college. To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, it’s expected you’re currently pursuing a degree in performing arts, visual arts, mass communication, or journalism.  You may also want to consider the best design course if it’s something you are interested in. 

The other requirements of this scholarship include: being at least 50% Asian or Pacific Islander, either a US citizen or a legal resident in the country, currently a high school senior, or already a college student. Also, it’s expected you have done some extra curriculum activities, and you have a GPA of 3.0. If you win this scholarship, the funds will be given directly to the school you attend to cover your tuition fees.

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While education can be considered a necessity, it can also be very expensive. Even some of the greatest minds in the past couldn’t afford it. In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly possible to come from a low-income background to go to the most expensive schools through scholarships. Although the scholarships listed today are very good, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these and should consider doing more research.

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