Top Cake Ideas for Your Anniversary

Posted May 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Welcoming your anniversary is a joyous feeling. It not only commemorates memories of another year gone by but also increases the affection you hold for each other. As a doting wife, you have to arrange everything starting from the gifts to the decorations.

However, the idea of an anniversary cake could be slightly confusing. Here we share with you some anniversary cake ideas you can explore and make the day extra special for both of you.

Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cake

Heart and the color red both depict love in the closest form possible. A heart-shaped red velvet cake is sure to grab your husband’s attention.

Not to mention the tasty icing inside. Do not forget to get the three magical words written on them as that would make your cake delight a wonderful surprise. Look for a suitable cake shop Fremantle to order a unique version of the same.

Chocolate KitKat cake

No celebration is complete without a chocolate cake to add to the glory. It is said that you can never go wrong with a chocolate cake, and we believe in it too. The dark chocolate KitKat cake is a sinful indulgence that both of you would love to gorge on. Plus, it is simple and does not go over the top just the way you want it to be.

Photo Cake

Obviously, in the course of your years, you must have made many memories. Why not share them on the cake? Pick up the best photo you have of your togetherness and get that added to your cake. Your husband will love you for this gesture of love, thus making your anniversary celebrations complete.

Best Husband Poster Cake

You feel that your husband is the best you could have got. But have you ever shared the same feeling with him? Not yet, then get this cake which has the best husband poster on it. He needs an assurance that your feelings for him have not changed over the years, and this cake is undoubtedly proof of that.

Heart-Shaped Rosetta cake

How can we forget a rose when we talk about the feeling of love. This heart-shaped cake has red roses all over it, thus making it a gorgeous creation. Every inch of this cake is a depiction of true love, and that is what your husband wants to see on this special day.

Rose Pearl Cake

If you want a rose cake but not a red one, then the Rose pearl cake is a perfect choice. Pale pink in color, it has roses all around its circumference. The center is decorated with little pearls, thus making it an epitome of grace. A quick bite reveals a rich flavor of chocolate.

The Nutty Cake

Sometimes you can have a cake which is slightly different from the theme of love. The nutty cake is a cashew truffle cake-based and has chocolate cream filling in the center. By going offbeat, you show your spouse your relationship is more than just regular shows of affection. This subtle display of love makes your bond even stronger than before.

Funky Chocolate Gem Cake

Simplicity rocks on occasions like these, and the funky chocolate gem cake is an expression of that. Sweet chocolate candy adorns its circumference, while the center is a plain pink color. This excessive availability of space is enough for you to write down a rather unique message. Plus, the multicolored candy gives a rainbow effect. All this you have to do without going over the top with the decorations.

Love in Heart Cake

We have already done one photo cake. But this one is slightly different. Here you can have a photo which has a special message or a picture depicting the love between two people. With a beautiful image and a love note, your husband is going to love this choice. Though the cake has a light pink base, you could change the color in accordance with the kind of image you wish to show.

Heart Beating Strawberry Cake

A heart over a heart seems like a great idea. The bigger as well as the small heart both have to be in light red to maintain the theme of love. Ask your baker if he can decorate the cake with smaller decorations and that too in heart shape. 

The overall look of the cake is quite enticing and a visual delight for someone who is not expecting a surprise like this. Since this is a 2 tier cake, the weight requirement will be more, and if you do not have anyone else to share in, this may not be a great choice.

Vanilla Flavor Rose Cake

Another fondant cake, this too has a high weight requirement. The top is decorated with beautiful light and dark pink flowers. What’s more, you could ask the baker to add a combination of styles in which to place the flowers. 

The boundary is done in green and a ribbon tied alongside gives the effect of a delicate bouquet at the display.

This cake is suitable for a person who really has an artistic taste in things. Add a bumblebee in the picture, and your bouquet looks lovely and fresh. The moment is cherished as much as this exotic offering you have created.

In today’s world, getting to celebrate your wedding anniversary is a special occasion indeed. Mark the day with some memorable moments and these lovely cakes to add to the charm. Your husband will surely love the effort you have taken and maybe fall in love with you once again. After all, it is these moments that will make your life worth living.

The cakes mentioned above are unique and suitable for this rather special occasion. If you want, you can make changes to the present cake and do something totally radical. This, however, is dependent on whether the baker you have chosen is capable of doing so.

It is always better to consult the baker to know whether he can bring your plans to reality. The choice of a trustworthy baker really helps as they understand your preferences better than any other.