Top Care Tips for Your Feet

Posted November 5, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Our feet really do have to endure some punishment throughout our lives and we do tend to take our feet for granted, assuming they will cope fine with the constant pressure of modern life. As we get older, we need to pay more attention to our physical condition, particularly our feet and with that in mind, here are some top tips for good foot care.

Daily Foot Inspection – Best carried out in the evening, you should inspect your feet, looking for cuts, sores and any swelling. Pay attention to your toenails, keeping them short and clean and if you notice anything unusual, you should take action by contacting Waverley Foot Clinic, a leading UK practice where you can have a check-up to diagnose any potential issues.

Moisturise – This should be done on a daily basis using Vaseline skin cream, which should involve massaging all areas including between the toes, making sure the skin is dry before putting on your socks. It is important to keep your toes dry, as wet skin promotes infection, which is especially pertinent for people whose feet are wet for long periods.

Rotate Footwear – This is a good way to prevent foot injury; when we wear the same shoes day in, day out, this can put serious pressure on a specific area of the feet. If you have 2 or 3 pairs of shoes you wear to work, try to rotate them and if one pair does not fit properly, don’t wear them. 

Trim Toenails – This should be done periodically and nails should be trimmed straight across, using a nail file to round off the edges, which prevents ingrown toenails. Here is some good advice on how to recover from a sports injury.

Watch for Corns and Calluses – Corns and calluses are very hard patches of skin that are caused by constant rubbing that is usually the result of wearing poorly fitting footwear. If you do suffer from corns or calluses, make an appointment to see your local chiropodist and let the health professional examine you.

Hot Soak – If you have been through some heavy-duty physical activity that involved a lot of walking, you should soak your feet in a vinegar and water solution. After a long hike or camping expedition, it is good to soak your feet for 15-20 minutes.

Poorly Fitting Footwear – This is the main cause of foot issues and if you buy a new pair of shoes that feel too tight or loose, resist the temptation to wear them. Correctly fitting shoes have ample room for the sole to spread and there should be a gap between the tip of the shoes and the toes. Click here for UK government information about diabetes and foot care.

Arch Supports – If you already experience foot pain, it could be worth looking into arch supports. These support solutions can benefit people with flat feet or high arches who are prone to achy feet by reducing uneven stress distribution. The likes of The Good Feet Store stock these arch supports – you can read reviews to find out more about The Good Feet  Store pricing and their fitting process.

If you suffer with foot odour, there are several things that you can do; give your feet a warm soak, which should remove the problem, while dusting your feet with baby powder is also a remedy for foot odour.