Top Careers That You Can Do While Living in Arizona

Posted January 28, 2022 by in Career

Working from home is one of the new normals that’s actually an upgrade from life before Covid. While some workers do want to return to the office, we’ve learned that certain jobs are just as efficient when done from home. Some businesses are actually more efficient without the restrictions of the office slowing down the process. It also creates more opportunities for going into business for yourself. 

Since so many people are now relying on deliveries and online content, it’s easier to create a business with less resources. You may even just need your laptop and a little money to buy domain rights to a website. One thing that is important to note: you might have ideas already, but count on them already being done. Not that you need to be the first to do something. Actually, you might have more luck focusing on the places where an already-existing industry failed. The harsh truth is that there’s few truly original ideas left, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in doing a better version of something else. 

Here are three industries that can still use smaller, more focused businesses. You can build up clients by delivering on specific needs, run a YouTube channel guiding customers to sponsors, or deliver locally. 

Saguaro Cactus Arizona

Arizona Travel Guide

International travel as a business has already been done to death. But who knows Arizona better than an Arizona local? The YouTube channel Living in Arizona Now gets this. The channel has amassed some solid views by offering easy list videos like “Arizona places to visit.” You could run a similar channel, website, or social media page that highlights unknown places to travel in Arizona. Get enough followers and local businesses might sponsor you to highlight them. That, or ad revenue from various platforms, would be your means of profit. 

Deliver Locally To Select Customers

Everyone’s heard of Hello Fresh or Blue Apron thanks to their relentless ads, but they also paid off. Data shows that a massive number of Americans tried meal delivery services during the pandemic lockdowns. It makes sense, as they promise a way to get easy food while still maintaining a sense of health and learning new recipes.

One area that could be served is catering such a service to special diets. There are a growing number of people with conditions that need special diets. Researching and physically delivering them might be challenging, but worth it if you can figure out a cost-efficient pipeline. 

Arizona Sports Betting

Arizona sports betting makes millions in revenue per month. Football betting in particular is popular, but overall it’s just a very fertile industry right now. There’s a market for people with sports knowledge. If that’s you, you could put your expertise to work on a website or YouTube channel.

You could post weekly or even daily videos that break down upcoming games and give betting tips. Play Picks is a good example of such content. There are also websites that could use writers with knowledge to put out articles about sports betting. Freelance writing like this works around your schedule and in some cases could lead to a staff job at a bigger website. You could write guides for how to use betting sites, and take the best of the promo codes while giving a pick to sponsored sites. Podcasts are also a form of this, but with more detailed discussion. Overall, if you know sports well and can communicate that knowledge, you’ll find somewhere that’s looking for your input. 

There are other opportunities like these, but you get the idea. Go find an established industry and put your spin on it!

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