Top Considerations for Buying Jewelry Online

Posted August 23, 2020 by in Fashion
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Many local jewelry stores have a limited selection of products. Since the space is tight, they are only able to store a given percentage, hence, making online purchases to be better due to a great variety of products to choose from.

For your online experience to be great, you need to follow the below considerations:

Ask for Actual Photos or Videos

Most online jewelers always sell what they do not have in stock. They usually do this to artificially fill their inventory stock, listing the commodity with stock photos instead of having an actual picture. The “stock” photos are generally not the real pictures of the actual product but a similar commodity acting more as a placeholder.

If a client were to order a piece of jewelry, the company would contact their supplier to get the photos. You are also to ensure that you confirm the commodity measurements as cameras seem to make small items look bigger.

Some organizations may even try doing a little bit of color correction to make the thing look brighter.

Research on the Tax and Shipping Costs

With the nature of online sales, you will be required to pay for shipping to wherever place you are. In addition to that, you will have to also pay for sales tax on those purchases. Because the jewelry seems small and lightweight, the cost of shipping is supposed to be negligible; the sales tax is what you have to watch out for. W

hen you are given the high price tags, the state, and the city sales taxes can add up quickly. Instead, you can consider shipping from the Australian jewellery store to a country without sales tax.

Look for the Right Dealer

When you want to get a great deal on a jewel, you need to first look for a reliable online jeweler. Some individuals are selling jewelry of low quality or not selling anything at all. So, it’s good doing your research before you make your purchases.

The problem with changing physical buying of jewelry to the internet is that many people want to “touch and feel” their product before buying it.

Ask for Certificates

A lot of valuable jewelry usually comes with authentication documents and certificates to prove its quality. The independent and unbiased body typically issues them from secure laboratories. Since you will be dealing with an online company, it is essential to determine if what you are purchasing is genuine.

Certificates are very crucial for buying jewelry online. In case you end up purchasing a new ring without one of the certificates, you are at a high chance of risking to get something fake.

Check for the Warranty

Sometimes people usually receive what they did not order. It would be best if you considered purchasing from an Australian jewellery store that backs up their commodity with an assurance proving that it is of good quality. That is where a warranty will come in. Ensure that you request warranty options and whether there are any added costs.

Several online jewelers have lifetime warranties that cover for minor cleaning services and polishing. However, others will give you a limited period in which you will be required to pay an extra amount for an extension.