Top Jewelry Picks 2022—Get That Statement Look This Summer

Posted August 5, 2022 by in Fashion

Jewelry – the chicest way to add the cherry on top of any look! Yes, the right piece of jewelry can elevate your outfit and mood instantly. Jewelry trends change every year and with every season. So, if the trees are blossoming around you, it’s how to start a crystal business collecting spring must-haves for your jewelry collection.

The advent of warmer weather is the perfect time to infuse statement jewelry pieces into your wardrobe. The best part about this season is that there are many options to grab, including bold gold chains, floral accents, playful earrings, and more.  

Wondering where to start? Don’t panic! We have curated this guide to the top spring jewelry picks 2022 to keep you voguish.

Heat Up Your Wardrobe With Top Spring Jewelry Trends 2022 

Bloom Inspired Floral Jewelry

How can we not include bloom-inspired jewelry in our spring 2022 collection? The trend has already shown its impact and we’re loving it! The beautiful floral jewelry lets you bring a little nature to your attire – a perfect way to feel the warm season vibes. 

Nature-inspired Hawaiian jewelry, including plumeria jewelry like plumeria rings, pendants, and necklaces, are the perfect companions to your summer season staples. From pearls to gold and plastics such as lucite, anything made out of natural material goes this season. So, if you are interested in a statement piece, it’s time to grab it! 

Talismans & Charms

Modern-day fashionistas deeply adore jewelry pieces with a personal meaning other than making them look chic. Charms and talismans are hence increasing in trend. These jewelry pieces represent luck, love, luck, spirituality, or strength and are setting the trend this summer season. Many renowned fashion designers have adopted this jewelry type to design their collections. 

In addition to being on-trend, a personal meaning associated with each piece makes the wearer more energetic and confident. If you too believe in the power of such charms, hop on the trend to upgrade your wardrobe.

Bold Cuffs

These are one of the hottest summer jewelry trends for 2022! Go big and incorporate an edgy touch into your summer jewelry collection. You can mix rosy metal hues with silver and warm gold tones for a full eclectic vibe. Adorn these with shimmery metals or resin-based crafty beads, and they will surely make a statement. 

Flashy Choker

Oh, so chokers are back again, and we’re welcoming them with open arms. Add a touch of edginess to your look by bringing in uniquely styled blingy chokers. Chokers are the perfect accessory for that dapper look, from dark and blingy designs to chunky gold pieces. Pair it with a slip dress to get that extra sassiness, or wrap half pearls or the half chain around your neck with a basic tee and a pair of denim. It’s totally up to you how you want to tune in to this blingy trend. 

Oversized Earrings

No matter how sassy your outfit is, it will look incomplete without a good pair of earrings. They can literally transform any look, which is why they have made their way to the summer jewelry trends 2022, too. This time in the form of oversized dangles and hoops. 

The 2022 trend for big earrings is inspired by the 80s and have been the show stoppers at the fashion weeks all across the globe. So, get on the trend and grab a few pieces you can count on to get that glamorous look. Explore your options as there is a pair out there for every outfit. 

So, which of these summer jewelry trends got you the ‘go and grab’ feel? Is there any jewelry trend or personal styling secret you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below. 

Birthstone Jewelry 

Jewelry today is not just a fashion symbol but has different significance & meanings for its wearer. The last decade has seen a widespread emergence in birthstone jewelry. However, this jewelry form has existed for ages and how to start a lipgloss business.

Colorful gemstones set in lustrous gold (or silver) bands are the new summer trend. Birthstones are the gemstones representing the wearer’s month of birth. For instance, the birthstone for those born in May is Emerald, and Amethyst for the February born. Not only this, birthstones are said to have healing properties. Furthermore, these are also a way to exhibit one’s personal style. You can choose to wear your birthstones as rings, pendants, or earrings. 

Wearing gemstones even make you unique as no two gemstones are identical in their appearance and healing properties.