Top Jewelry Trends to Try This Summer

Posted July 5, 2022 by in Fashion
gold necklace

From sunshine-soaked beach days to the local trips to the winery and everything in between, summers are all about spending some fun time with your friends and family. But, it’s also about looking your best, following the fashion trends and matching your beachy outfit with a perfect set of jewelry. 

Yes, we are talking about constellation necklace, beaded layer necklaces, enamel rings and initial pendants. But, how do you choose the perfect jewelry piece that’s not only trendy but also goes exactly well with your outfit? We say add your personal touch to it. 

And, while your social feed must be soaked with the new, trendy jewelry pieces, here are some trends you must give a try to feel your best self this summer. 

Gold necklace next to seashells and crystals

Sentimental Jewelry

Yes, we all love those minimalistic chains and sleek studs. But, what about going for something with sentiments attached. It could be anything like a sleek chain with an evil eye charm or a constellation/zodiac necklace. 

And, if this is something you don’t really believe in, how about choosing something basic yet classy, like an initial necklace? Statement pieces with sentiments can be a great way to portray our personality with small pieces of jewelry. 

Stunning Gold Pieces

From tiny gold studs to sleek gold chains, gold pieces can go a long way to make you look extraordinary. And, to make it a little more fun, you could go for different textures like a chain link, braided designs and even herringbone. 

Just match them with your favorite sundress, and you’ll be all set and classy. But, if you want to go casual, your favorite gold studs could be a great partner for that outfit too. 

Pearly Whites

Pearl necklaces on a beach? What could be more fun? Nothing screams more “summer” than a pearlescent necklace, earrings or even a bracelet. In short, wearing a sleek pearl necklace with a dress and sun-crisped skin could be your perfect option for an evening romance. 

In fact, this “summer talisman” can also go really great with a pair of shorts and a summer crop top, for a more laid-back look. 

Layered Necklaces

We are sure you have those neck-baring tops all ready for summer. And, when the time comes to hit the beach, you must have found yourself experimenting with layered necklaces. 

These layers allow you to break from your usual jewelry routine and try something whimsical. You could also go with multi-colored beads with stones. 

Belly Chains

We all agree that necklaces, earrings and bracelets are the best jewelry pieces. But, body jewelry like a subtle belly chain can add that sleek sparkle to your waist. Moreover, in addition to completing the overall look, these chains are ideal for simple, single string dresses. 

In fact, these easy-to-throw jewelry are actually pretty minimalistic, so instead of being the focal point, they simply just magnify the elegance of your outfit. 

Medallion Necklaces

What’s more effortless than a cute coin necklace? Perfect to be worn as both- solo or as a layer, these necklaces add that subtle charm with their strong character and artistic designs. In fact, most coin charms are inspired by greek or zodiac mythology. 

So, in addition to making you look good, these can be great good luck charm additions to your outfit. 

Cuff Bracelets

Getting that 90’s feel yet? Here’s a fact; you don’t always need a bracelet doused with endless diamonds right on your wrist. Though it might look great for formal events, summer is anything but formal. So, instead of the diamond jaded jewelry, try something playful. 

Go for a bevy of metallic bangles, mixed with a splash of different colors and different designs. 

Summers are truly about how you want to express yourself. And, rather than sticking to just one trend, go for different designs, mixing metals and trying out something you never have before, like a belly chain. Just make sure to feel extra comfortable so you can enjoy and be your true self during those beachy days.