Top NFL Related Destinations To Take A Trip To

Posted August 25, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Being a football fan can be one of the most thrilling and passionate sports related affairs around. If you pay close attention to all the ins and outs of the pro football world, you’ll see certain behaviors that can only be explained as true love between football fans and their favorite teams. For example, keeping up with the best Las Vegas NFL Odds to be able to score some extra money here and there from betting on NFL action has become a must do for football fans. Apart from that, fans will travel to see their teams play wherever they go, because that’s the life of a true and proud NFL fan. 

With that said, there are certain must visit cities if you’re a travelling NFL fan. These are cities that don’t just focus on offering a good football-ridden experience for visitors, but focus on offering an all-around great experience for NFL fans that come into town every now and again. If you’re thinking about planning a trip to see your favorite NFL team play around the US and squeeze in a little vacation period as well, here are our choices for the best NFL related cities to visit.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Is there a place where you can feel the scent and spirit of partying and having a great time more than in New Orleans? While you could argue that LA, Las Vegas, Miami and New York offer all that and more, let’s be honest, there’s no place to party and have a good time like the house of the Saints, New Orleans, Louisiana.

There aren’t many stadiums that can get as loud and where the football atmosphere is as electric as at the Saints’ Superdome stadium. Watching a game there and experiencing how passionate New Orleans football fans can be is something that all NFL fans should try and experience at least once. Apart from that, you have amazing creole food, music venues all over, Bourbon street, historical landmarks and a deep sense of local pride for their community and traditions that make New Orleans a top destination to visit.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Why it took so long for Las Vegas to finally have an NFL franchise is something that is as dumbfounding as it is surprising, but anyways those days are now gone with the former Oakland Raiders calling Las Vegas their new home. Mixing a franchise as important and passionate as the Raider with a city that is the epitome of partying and over the top behavior like Las Vegas could only end up resulting in some of the best football-ridden trips around.

Taking into consideration that Raiders home games are considered as some of the most expensive tickets in all of NFL there won’t be any shortage of places to catch any of your favorite pro football action. Other than that, the gastronomic offerings that Las Vegas has to offer, both on the strip and off the strip is immense, the options for bars and clubs are beyond amazing and there are enough outdoors desert related activities to fill any and all of any visitors agenda.

Buffalo, New York

I know, why Buffalo when you could visit any other part of New York. But to all your doubts I have two basic answers, buffalo wings and the Bills Mafia. Plus, you can always visit New York city and make this a complete NY experience. But believe me when I tell you, you will not find a more intense and fun tailgating experience from an NFL fan base than the one that the Buffalo Bills’ fan base, known as the Bills Mafia can offer. From tailgating sessions that look like massive frat parties, with table crashing stunts included to being able to have the best buffalo wings in the country in the actual place where buffalo wings were invented, a visit to upstate New York can become a great trip for NFL fans.

If you need any more reasons to visit, keep in mind that one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the world, the Niagara Falls are a 45-minute drive away from Buffalo. Great football ridden parties, buffalo wings and seeing Niagara Falls all in one trip, sign me up.

Nashville, Tennessee

If you’re a fan of NFL action and country music then a visit to Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Tennessee Titans is a must visit destination for any tourists looking to have a really good time. The charm that the city of Nashville has is unmatched by any other, especially taking into account that in this city you can walk into any bar and find some world-class bourbon as well as music acts all night, every night.

Make sure you find yourself a top quality hot fried chicken place and go nuts trying out one of the absolute best offerings that southern foods have to offer visitors. Nashville has enough to captivate any and all visitors be it with their top caliber football action or with everything else it has to offer.