Top Reasons to Have Your Next Business Meeting at a Hotel

Posted December 6, 2021 by in Career

According to statistics, 220 million business meetings are held each year! 

When it comes to deciding on a place to host an in-person business meeting, most people automatically think of going to restaurants. 

Well, don’t get it twisted.  Restaurants are awesome! They have great food, and you get built-in service. Plus, many restaurants offer meeting rooms off to the side where you can get more specialized service to help you facilitate better gatherings. 

But here’s the thing…

Restaurants also have limitations. 

And in many cases, business owners find that hotel conference rooms and meeting spaces actually offer a range of benefits that often outweigh the benefits offered by restaurants. This is especially true if you tend to host larger meetings. 

And this post, you’re going to learn the top reasons to have your next business meeting at a hotel. 

Let’s dive in and get started!

1. Privacy

Hotel conference rooms and meeting spaces simply offer more privacy than you could ever expect to get at a restaurant. 

As already stated, restaurant meeting spaces do offer a lot of benefits. 

But here’s the thing:

They only offer so much privacy

The simple fact of the matter is that other diners are also going to be seated nearby, and they’re going to be at least somewhat privy to the details of your meeting. 

This isn’t always desirable, especially if you’re discussing important or sensitive information regarding your business. 

This makes hotel meeting spaces a better option.

2. Great Customer Service

Hotel Engine covers this point perfectly in their business lunch meeting guide. 

“At a restaurant, even with a reservation, you may have to wait for a table and your food if it’s really busy. To avoid this (along with potential distractions), you could hold your meeting in a hotel conference room. Instead of going to a restaurant, plan for caterers to bring food to the hotel.”

Service staff is going to be responsible for not just your group and room, but also for a range of other tables and guests. 

Sometimes, this leads to less than desirable service, as wait staff can quickly get overwhelmed.

But this downside is really mitigated when you use a hotel meeting space. 

When you use a hotel meeting space, and combine it with in-house catering, you get focused customer service that’s solely dedicated to your group. 

This is another major advantage to utilizing hotel conference rooms/meeting spaces, as opposed to restaurants.

3. On-Site Food/Catering

One of the greatest draws to hosting business meetings at restaurants is that they have onsite food built right in. 

But many hotel meeting spaces offer the exact same amenities

In fact, when you cater food on-site in a hotel meeting space, you often get better deals and greater control over the food options. 

Plus, when meals are specifically crafted to fit the needs, tastes, and preferences of your group, you’re probably going to end up with a better dining experience overall anyway.

This is just another advantage to choosing a hotel to host your next business meeting.

4. Booking A Business Room Is Easy

Services like Hotel Engine (mentioned above) make booking meeting spaces at hotels incredibly simple. 

Plus, you can often save a lot of money when you book through this type of service.

Business owners often get frustrated by the constant phone tag they have to play while trying to get in touch with someone who can actually reserve them a meeting space; even at larger high end restaurants.

Hotel meeting spaces just don’t require nearly as much effort to book and reserve.

5. Gain Access To Larger, Better Spaces

At some point, hotel meeting spaces are going to be one of your best options for hosting larger meetings; especially when you compare them to the more limited space options offered by most restaurants. 

Another obvious contender would be a community room/building. 

But here’s the thing about community buildings:

They also tend to have limited space. Plus, those spaces tend to get booked up and reserved very quickly. 

This means that hotels usually offer you better room options with higher capacity, more amenities, and on shorter notice. 

When you combine all these details together, it just really makes sense to host your business meeting in a hotel meeting space.

There you have it. The top reasons to have your next business meeting at a hotel.

If you’ve never considered this as an option before, you might be pleasantly surprised at how well it can work out.

Try testing it out by booking a meeting space for your next meeting, and just see how it goes. 

You may find that it works out even better than you ever expected. 

And guess what?

You just may look like a superhero for organizing such an awesome meeting space for your next company dinner. 

All that’s left now is to get out there and book that room. 

You’ve got this!

*Photos by RODNAE Productions