Top Reasons To Start Using Wax Melts Over Traditional Candles

Posted March 25, 2021 by in Home

What do you think of when you talk about light and fragrance? Candles, of course, right? But do you know that there is something else that has marked its existence in the world of fragrance and light? 

Yes, we are talking about wax melts, “the latest trending fragrance boxes” that have walked miles ahead of the traditional candles to add a welcoming note to any place. Not only does it lighten and brighten up your room with its fragrance, but also quite convenient to use hence searching its pathway inside every household. 

So here are a few reasons as to why wax melts by scentsy warmer are simply awesome in comparison to traditional candles:

They Are Convenient

Wax melts are convenient to use as they do not require a matchstick or lighter to light it up and come in compact packed boxes. On the contrary, they do not pose a danger when you have kids at home. 

Even at certain places where candles stand banned owing to the flame factors, wax warmers and melts are allowed to be used, especially in offices, dorms and apartments.

They are Inexpensive

This may be a bit surprising, but yes, soy wax melts are comparatively cheaper than candles when you take into account their burn time. Wax melts can give you five times more burn time than a regular candle and thus proves to be a cost savior approach.

They Control Odor

If you feel the need to make your house smell good for prolonged periods, what could be better than toppling coco luxe wax melts in the wax warmer? If your room smells bad, then wax melts can be used to play the trick of masking foul odors. 

The fragrance emitted by wax melts can add scents and balm to your rooms with sensitivity and makes your rooms smelling fresh in no time.

They Are free of Soot

Unlike the traditional candles, wax melts do not let out soot that affects the air adversely, as in the case of scented candles. 

Scented candles can further render a helping hand in staining your furniture, discoloration of your walls and can also pose some health concerns owing to the soot it produces. But, this is not simply the case when you use wax melts because they are soot-free and easy to use.

They Are Eco-friendly

With the world moving ahead chanting the motto of saving the environment, using wax melts can be a step forward to treat the environment with care and love by reducing glass waste that piles up every year. 

Wax warmers are known for their durability and last longer in comparison to candles serving a period of four to six years on an average dealt with proper care. So, you can very well make out the amount of garbage waste that you can cut off by choosing wax melts over the candle jars.

We hope we have given you enough good reasons to ditch the traditional candle therapy and switch to wax melts that are not only fun but can fill your home with customized fragrances. So what are you waiting for? Get your wax warmers and wax melts now, and adorn your home with some fragrance notes as never before.