Top-Recommended Programs in the Beauty & Cosmetology Industry

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Everyone wants to be pretty and fit. That is the main reason why experts in the field of beauty are highly demanded almost everywhere in the world. Most often, it is enough to attend certified courses to learn how to create an image, dye hair, get rid of acne, or build up nails.

However, some graduate schools and colleges have specialized degrees — you need to choose your field of interest. Here are some of the different career opportunities within the beauty and cosmetology industry:

Hair Styling & Barbering Majors

Beautiful hair can make a face look better. If you master the art of barbering, you’ll easily take care of your image, as well as the image of other people. It is a great opportunity to start making good money. By serving others, barbershops make the world more beautiful. 

Both men and women need professional touch from time to time. In many states, those who have no license have no right to work as hairdressers or stylists. It means that you will have to earn a degree or attend professional courses to get a certificate. Barbers and hairstylists are high-demanded since people want to look pretty.

Aspiring hairdressers can attend state-approved schools for stylists or visit separate courses. Just make sure that the organization that provides training sessions has a license to do that. It is more than learning how to shave or cut hair, it is about creating entire images that suit different people. 

One should consider everything: from a person’s eye color to face and skin type. Many barbers today combine medical skills with their degrees to improve the hair and skin health. One of the possible methods is so-called hair restoration or reconstruction, and you have to learn how to do that instead of improvising. Besides, it is all about safety, so one should know how to use a straight razor, scissor, hairdryer, and other barber’s tools without risks. Perming and coloring hair is another category.

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Cosmetology & Skin Care Degrees

These majors allow helping people to support the health of their body and skin. Some of the experts in this field also study nutrition and fitness to mix their skills and knowledge when providing pieces of advice. Some of them run their own blogs as well, and that is additional revenue. Cosmetology refers to several branches at a time:

  • Haircare
  • Skincare
  • Health of nails
  • Makeup application

A cosmetologist is often a jack-of-all-trades — they possess versatile skills. Also, these pros should sometimes do several things at a time. Each of the listed branches is narrow, while a good cosmetologist should specialize in all of them (or, at least, know the basics). 

For instance, barbers should be aware of both how to create a hairdo and how to treat the head skin properly. They should take into account the potential allergic reactions that their clients may have when choosing the shampoos, lotions, conditioners, hair dyes, etc.

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Body Therapy Diplomas

It is enough to take certified courses to get your license. People of this profession are rather independent. They have flexible schedules and often do not have to go to the office — they may work remotely by inviting clients to their homes or vesting their places. At the same time, a good massage therapist makes good money and always has a loyal customer base.

The idea is to make people relax and promote health and wellness. To do that, therapists should master their own bodies first of all. Various massage techniques are known, so it is important to decide which style you prefer and which body zones you plan to deal with. Such employees often work abroad, and it is a great chance to get a job somewhere by the sea and have a rest while working. It is often a seasonal job if we speak about hot countries, but it is highly paid in any case. 

Most states require formal training for people who wish to do massage legally. It is possible to apply for an associate’s degree, which will take you a couple of years to complete. It involves both theory and practice. The related fields involve:

  • Anatomy
  • Kinesiology
  • Business administration 
  • Professional ethics
  • Physiology
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Now that you have this list of suggestions, you may decide which area appeals to you most. Once again, in the sphere of beauty and health, the smartest solution would be to combine different skills and knowledge.

Besides, for many representatives of this industry, their job is more like a hobby. Do not be lazy, and you will achieve success!