Top Tips For A Cost Efficient Recruitment Process

Posted June 24, 2019 by in Career

Whether you’re the manager of a bakery, or the head of a corporate bank, finding and recruiting new staff can be a costly process; advertising, setting time aside for interviews, and subsequent failed probationary periods can all prove expensive and a waste of time. If you’re just starting out on a search for new employees, read on – we’ve got some great tips to keep costs low while finding the best person for the job. 

Go Digital 

Turning to the internet to advertise and recruit is one of the best decisions you’ll make; from online recruitment agencies to dedicated job boards that reach millions of people, you’ll find it’s far more cost-effective than advertising in newspapers and magazines. Placing advertisements on social media sites is also a great solution; LinkedIn is a brilliant tool for finding new staff, as it’s dedicated to the world of work and professional networking. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box either – if your business has a great reach on Instagram, posting an advertisement on there could be far more successful than anywhere else. Similarly, if Facebook is your thing, don’t be afraid to create a special advertorial post – and then invite your customers or clients to share it far and wide. 

Reduce Staff Turnover

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of the recruitment process is to simply avoid having to take part in it! If your existing staff are happy and productive, you should rarely need to replace them; so keeping up to date on things like appraisals, training and goal setting is well worth your while. Making sure you’re receptive and approachable is also a good way to maintain an excellent relationship with your employees; consider flexible working requests, offer the opportunity for extra responsibility and above all, ensure they have a good work-life balance. 

Check Extra Costs

The recruitment process can come with many additional costs; hiring extra rooms or office spaces for the interviews, paying for catering and extra staff wages can all soon add up. Try to meet candidates in your existing space, and avoid holding any interviews or screening processes across lunchtime so you don’t feel obligated to provide refreshments – although offering tea or coffee is always a good idea! If you’re holding interviews outside of regular working hours then you could be looking at an increase in energy costs, so make sure you’re on the smartest tariff available from one of the many good business electricity suppliers.

Offer Internships

Internships are a second great way to avoid the formal recruitment process; employing someone for a short period of time is a brilliant way to find out how they fit into your business, whether they suit the role and if they can work successfully as part of the team. Often, the right person for the job might not look as attractive on paper as they do once they’re working in the role, which is why it pays to keep hold of the details of any interns who particularly stood out as a good fit for your company.