Top Tips for Designing a Multi-Purpose Guest Room

Posted July 8, 2019 by in Home

Homeowners have come up with ways of utilizing their home space like never before. These days, you will find them incorporating numerous ideas in a single space. For instance, you will find guest rooms also being used as both an office and a reading area, as well as a sleeping space for guests, among others.

The trick to success is focusing on seamless incorporation with picked-for-purpose accessories. It’s not what you are incorporating in that space, however, but how to include it. If you are struggling for ideas or you don’t know where to start with designing a multi-purpose guest room, read on for inspiration:

Try a closet office

Did you know you can use your guest room as an office? The idea might sound challenging, more so if you have a family, but there is a way to work around that to create a space which can be hugely beneficial to everyone in your home. Simply create an office space in the closet. Add some small shelves for storage and a foldable table at desk height, and you have a compact and functional area to work in. Once you finish your work, you can fold up the table, put the chair against a wall, and your lovely guest room is ready for its next visitor. It is by far the best way to make use of a smaller guest room.

Closet office space!

Transform it from family room to bedroom at night

This is yet another ingenious idea that will leave the whole family feeling so good. Using your guest room as a family room during the day offers extra space when it’s needed the most. At night, however, you can transform it into a cozy bedroom for visitors. This design will end up saving you so much space with a single move. You will, however, need a Murphy bed. This piece of furniture is perfect for this sort of dual functionality. It camouflages perfectly that no one will ever suspect it exists in your guest room. Designed to take the form of a cupboard or a bookshelf, during the day, visitors and your family members will think it is just an ordinary storage area. When night falls, transform the storage area into the bed and enjoy a lovely night’s sleep!  

Top Tips for Designing a Multi-Purpose Guest Room

Murphy bed in action!

Build a corner office

Any homeowner will tell you that utilizing a corner is usually the hardest part of decorating a room. The best people can do usually is to use flower vases or high stools with some fun decorations. Rather than simply adding a plant or small shelving area, you can make use of that space in a much better way. Identify an appropriate corner in your guest room and place a corner table. The furniture is designed to fit in perfectly and flawlessly.

You can then go ahead and include some shelves on either side for storage. Include a foldable chair, and your office will be perfectly accessorized. This idea will leave your guest room still spacious and neat while giving you a dedicated area for work or study.

Corner desk!

Incorporate a library

Lastly, you can use the space as a library and reading room for the whole family. All you need to do is put bookcases or shelves along one wall, add a comfortable chair, then make sure that there is a lamp nearby to make the space bright enough to read in. Add rugs and throw pillows for a touch of luxury. That way, you will have an inviting reading area and an attractive guest room existing on a single space.

Home library idea!

These are only a few of the best ways to make your guest room multi-purpose. The ideas are not only meant to ensure adequate use of the available space but also to add glamour when space is limited. If you do it just right and use your imagination, you will be able to end up with a great room that makes full use of every spare inch.