Top Tips for Getting Hearing Aids When You Are a Young Adult

Posted October 18, 2023 by in Health + Fitness

If you have to get hearing aids as a teen or young adult it can feel daunting. There are many reasons you might need to get them, from naturally occurring hearing loss to a trauma or event that has caused your ears to become damaged. No matter why, having to get hearing aids when you are a young adult can be something you need to take the time to get your head around. You might not know many other people with them, or those you do know might be older than you.

Not to fear, we have put together some top tips for getting hearing aids or devices when you are a young adult. 

Do research ahead of time

The scariest thing can often be the unknown, so when you are getting a hearing aid, be sure to look it up, googling things such as cochlear implant facts so you have all the information you need to know. This can help you to feel less worried and scared and know what to expect. Read up what you can and come armed with a list of questions you might want to ask, remember that no question is silly and they would prefer you let it out rather than worried. Your audiologist will speak to hundreds of people every month and will be able to give you all the knowledge you need.

Take good care of them

Hearing aids are worth a lot, not just monetary wise, but also to help you live your daily life to the full. As such, you want to ensure you look after them well so check out the guidelines prior to usage. You will need to keep them dry and away from water, regularly clean out any dust and debris and have a safe place to put them when you go to bed at night. This can help you to get the most from them and keep them protected.

Get used to them gradually

When you first wear hearing aids they can make some people feel sick or have headaches. This is due to you not being used to them and the amplified sound can throw you off a bit. Don’t worry this will ease up, so just try and get used to them gradually. This will ensure you can get used to the feeling at your own pace.

When you get hearing aids it can really improve your daily life, with you being able to hear a multitude of sounds that you were unable to do before. It can make it better for you to interact in social situations and improve your quality of life. Yet the initial getting used to the implants can be strange, so don’t be afraid to take it slowly and allow yourself time to adjust.

What are some top tips you have for getting hearing aids when you are a younger adult? Let us know in the comments below.