Top Tips for Upgrading Your Wardrobe in 2023

Posted January 17, 2023 by in Fashion
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There are many reasons why you may be looking to upgrade your wardrobe in 2023. For example, you may want to dress-to-impress at work, or simply fancy a change. Either way, there are many benefits associated with a wardrobe makeover! 

For example, upgrading your style can be a great way to boost your confidence and self-esteem. For example, “a theory known as “dopamine dressing” suggests that wearing certain kinds of clothes can help you feel happier even on days when you’re not at your best.” Our confidence is also impacted by our choice of clothing, as when we look good on the outside, we tend to feel good on the inside! 

With that in mind, here are some top tips to bear in mind when looking to upgrade your wardrobe! 

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Accessories make all the difference. 

If you often find that your outfits are missing something, but you cannot pinpoint exactly what is going wrong – you may be under-accessorising. After all, accessories can really polish off a look, whether you’re looking for an additional pop of color or something a little more subtle.

Thankfully, this gives you the perfect opportunity to shop for new accessories that add an extra layer of texture, detail, and whimsy to your outfits. You should also keep an eye out for accessories that reflect your own interests and personality, as this ensures your outfits are a reflection of who you are, not just copied from the latest fashion magazine. For example, if you’re a big animal lover, you could add an animals bead to your charm bracelet, which also works as a lovely tribute to a lost pet. 

You can create iconic fashion looks on a budget. 

The popularity of designer brands often leaves many would-be fashionistas feeling as though they are priced out of the fashion world. However, this is simply not the case! It’s entirely possible to look great on a budget, you simply need to work on becoming a savvy spender.

For example, before upgrading your wardrobe, do some research to see if your favorite store(s) are set to have a sale anytime soon or if you can get a discount by signing up for their mailing list. If shopping online, use add-ons such as Honey to find coupon codes that can save you hundreds of dollars.

You should also hit up your local thrift or second-hand store – as this is the easiest way to buy high-quality clothing for a fraction of its original price. While you may have to wave through some clothes that are not your style (or anyone’s style, seemingly), it’s worth the extra effort! You can also buy second-hand clothes through apps such as Vinted or Depop.

Color is not your enemy. 

Most people tend to dress in subtle, muted colors in their day-to-day life. There is nothing wrong with this, as it can be a great way to create a simple, timeless look – or an outfit that transitions seamlessly from day to night activities. However, this does not mean you should be afraid to add color to your wardrobe! 

After all, this “not only adds a livelier vibe to your look, but it also shows off more of your personality and hence allows you to let loose and be more playful with how you dress yourself up.” Introducing new colors, patterns and textures is a great way to make getting ready more fun – and could also boost your confidence as a result! 

Out with the old. 

If you’re planning a complete wardrobe overhaul, you should probably begin with spring-cleaning your current catalog of clothing. Go through your wardrobe item by item, setting any clothes you no longer wear, fit comfortably in, or like to a separate pile. While you may be keen to hold onto some items just in case they need them – a good rule of thumb is to throw away anything that has sat untouched for over a year. 

You can then donate these old clothes to charities or thrift stores or resell them online. The latter means not only are you freeing up some space for your new outfits, but you’re also saving money as you can use these funds when shopping.

Build up your wardrobe staples.

When upgrading your wardrobe, it’s easy to focus on buying statement pieces of clothing – such as a jacket, licensed t-shirt, or brightly colored shoes. However, if you’re looking for a more versatile wardrobe that will serve you well year-round, you also need to build up your collection of wardrobe staples. For example, a simple tank top can complement a simple outfit in spring or summer before being layered up in winter. 

A little black dress can be worn for a cocktail party, a special occasion, or a simple dinner with friends, depending on which items you pair it with, from a pair of heels to simple ballet flats. If your dress is not too short, it could also be paired with a blazer and worn to work functions – the choices are endless! 

As such, don’t be afraid to buy basic items when shopping or upgrading your wardrobe. They often give you the most creative freedom when it comes to actually putting together a look, especially as you can then pair them with your statement pieces. 

Dress for yourself, not others. 

It’s easy to feel self-conscious about our choice of clothes. For example, you may find yourself worrying about whether or not other people like your outfit or whether your shoes match your trousers. However, setting yourself free from the mindset of dressing for others can be incredibly liberating!

When you start dressing for yourself, you’ll wear clothes that you feel good in. This will elevate your confidence, and the feeling of joy and contentment will radiate from within, making you look good too!

Furthemore, wearing clothes you love is a great way to showcase your personality and what makes you unique – which are often your best traits. It could also encourage others to express their creativity in their own wardrobes too!