Top Tips On How To Make Your Cash Last Longer

Posted June 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle

It is always nice to have a bit of cash set aside for a rainy day, whether it is to renovate your home, go on vacation, service your car, or just buy something nice for yourself for once.

With a little pre-planning and organization you could certainly find a way to build up your cash flow so that you can use it for the things you need and want:

Spend a Little Time Browsing on the Web 

If you are really organized you can easily search out this Latest Deals guide on side hustles as another way to top up your cash savings without having to do much. If all it takes is a little research on the internet to be cash savvy it will be worth it in the long run when you are saving up for your latest purchase or simply need to have enough cash to see you through the month. 

An Apple computer and coffee mug on an unmade bed with an orange comforter and white sheets.

Buy Secondhand Clothes 

There is a lot more variety now online with websites such as Ebay or fashion apps such as Vinted and Poshmark where you can buy good quality clothing from other buyers that have been worn but are still in good condition. With the ability to swap items of clothing you could also make space in your closet for a brand new item at a fraction of the price and still look fashionable. 

Woman thrifting.

Avoid Going to the Grocery Store When You Are Hungry

If you want to avoid splurging on groceries that you really do not need then it is best to go to the store on a full stomach. This can help you prevent buying unwanted items because you are feeling hungry at the time and want to fill up your basket with more groceries than you actually need. It is also best to write up a list on your cell phone so that you only purchase what you need and do not buy too much fresh produce that could only go to waste if you do not use it. 

Woman in green parka holding a Whole Foods grocery bag outside on the street.

Forgo Your Gym Membership

Another way to save some cash is to forgo on your gym membership. Don’t get all antsy yet, and think about why you need to stop working on your health and wellbeing. No, still stay on track with your mindset, but use other more ‘cheaper’ ways to reach the goal.

There are many ways you can do so, from Youtube videos of exercise regimes to doing beach yoga. You can even download apps on your phone which can show you what exercises to do and even track your progress. This is much cheaper than gym membership costs, and you will not be bound to a contract. If you are thinking, “but what about the equipment? Do I need to buy weights now?” No, just do a bit of research. There are many ways you can use home-ready weights. And there are alternative movements that you can do to work those muscle groups specific equipment works on.

Reuse and Recycle Furniture 

You might have a few pieces of furniture stored away that have seen better days or you simply do not use anymore. Instead of disposing of them, why not see if you can revamp them by upcycling them into a new item of furniture. All you would need is some paint, fabric, a bucket of water and some soap to freshen it up. It is much kinder to the environment and allows you to be a little creative.

You could even sell these items once you have revamped them as another way to earn some extra cash. Unique vintage items of furniture can be quite popular so it is certainly worth giving this a go. 

Open can of blue paint with a paint brush on wood planks.

We hope these tips and suggestions help you budget your money to maximum without sacrificing treating yourself and enjoying life.