Top Tips to Be a Top Class Personal Trainer

Posted July 9, 2022 by in Career

There is no shortage of personal trainers in the UK however there is a good distinction in terms of credibility within this market.   A lot of this is down to two things.   The first is the actual reputation the personal trainer gets, via word of mouth.  This leads to recommendations and all sorts.   The second is more the qualifications the person has which leads to good advice and workouts for the clients.   If you are a personal trainer or thinking about becoming one, here are some of our top tips to become the best in your class.

Personal training session outside in a park


There are many different personal trainer courses available that will help upskill people and make them more of an expert in this field. This is really important to make sure that there is credibility in the training and the advice given out.   Remember that this is peoples health that you are dealing with and by giving them the incorrect advice or pushing them too far on activities, it could lead to them injuring themselves.   This could then in turn lead to a claim against yourself if you are found to be liable.   These courses may seem like a lot of cash but without it, you cannot really claim to be an expert in the field.   As such, get the head down and learn about this topic in a formal way. On top of the normal courses, a lot of personal trainers will study additional things such as nutrition or food related topics.   This is because personal training is very much linked to this, and the healthy balance of food / diet is essential to success and sustainment.

Advertise Well

One of the best ways to advertise your services is on social media.  Things like Facebook and Instagram are so powerful to support this.   Make sure that on these platforms, you have not only lots of pictures etc, but you have people that have left reviews about your services.  If you are then receiving positive feedback or comments, get sharing these as soon as possible and spread the word.   You could also pay for some sponsored advertisements on Facebook which to be fair is not too expensive.   This could advertise your services and you can narrow the searches down to people within a certain distance radius of yourself which gives a greater chance of successful new clients.   Other sources of advertisements could be the local gym.  They will clearly charge you for the services but would be a good shout. 

Follow Your Own Advice

This also connects into the credibility points where it is important that people follow their own advice when giving it out to clients.   This could be in the form of types of exercises or in the form of the types of food we should eat.   If you are giving this sound advice to the clients and they know that you are not following it yourself, this on itself will damage the credibility of the advice given and therefore the clients may not follow it.  This is also a very quick way for the clients to stop using your services but also, they will no doubt tell others and the word will spread like wildfire.  This is definitely not the reputation you want to have in order to protect your own integrity.   Clearly this does not mean you need to live a “perfect” lifestyle but on the whole, you should be following your own guidance you give to the customers.

Personal trainer working with client in park

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