Top Tips to Keep the Rooms in Your Home Looking and Feeling Fresh

Posted October 5, 2021 by in Home

Maintaining your home and keeping it looking fresh, clean, and tidy can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Quite often, rooms can look messy and mucky very quickly, and this can end up letting down the rest of the house.

Keeping on top of rooms and keeping them feeling fresh will make your whole home feel better, so here are some top tips to help you on your way:

Focus on Storage

Rooms will look messy and untidy if stuff is scattered over floors and surfaces. Utilizing storage solutions that are built-in or free-standing, especially in smaller spaces, is the way to go. When you have storage solutions in place, you ensure that you always have a place to put everything and even hide the junk. Rooms will quickly look mucky and untidy if items are left out, so try and keep on top of the clutter by utilizing handy and neat storage solutions.

Look at Protecting Walls

The walls in your home have to put up with a lot; they might get knocked, they may get scuffed, and they can even get damaged either on purpose or completely by accident. When walls get damaged, it can let down the whole aesthetic of the room. To keep walls free from damage, especially on those pesky corners and in busy spaces, you may want to look at installing corner guards for walls that will help protect delicate and easy to damage corners. 

Have a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Yes, cleaning can be boring, but if you want rooms to feel fresh and look fresh, then they have to be tidy and clean. When you put together a cleaning schedule, you ensure that all jobs or chores get done on a regular and rotational basis. A schedule for cleaning will ensure that you stay on top of all of the little jobs that make a difference.

For example, when windows are regularly cleaned, they will sparkle and gleam, and they will set off the whole room. Similarly, when floors are clean and tidy, your attention and focus can actually go onto other areas of the room, such as the finishing touches that may include candles, cushions, or throws.

Use Good Quality Paint

When you paint a room, always make sure you use good quality paint. Paint that does not fade or flake off the walls is crucial to use. All paint needs to be washable, as this will make your life easier and keep rooms looking freshly painted. If you go down the route of using cheap paint that is not washable, then you will struggle to keep walls free from muck or dirt.

Grubby or dirty walls can leave rooms looking unloved, and this is definitely not what you want. Painting the walls and the ceilings well and with care the first time around will also save time as you will not have to go around touching up or re-coating patchy areas.

How do you keep your home looking and feeling fresh? Let us know in the comments below!

*Photos by cottonbro