This Seattle-Based Store Is Giving Us INSANE Design Envy

Posted March 11, 2015 by in Home

I have many guilty pleasures: lattes, gummy bears, and bags are just a few, but the main one is design. Beautiful design aesthetic in both the home, office, and closet will always be important to me. When I’m around beautiful design, I’m not only motivated to get more done, but I’m calmer and more relaxed — even in high-stress situations. And Jill Wenger, the CEO of Totokaelo agrees.

I work best in clean, calm, and vibrant spaces—spaces where you stay energized but maintain focus.

Totokaelo is a New York and Seattle-based retailer that introduces original and distinguished fashion, art, and objects to the world. They represent collections with limited global distribution, and designers who possess a distinct sense of beauty and emphasize artistry over commerciality. During a recent interview with Grandpastyle, Totokaelo CEO stated:

It’s important that being an artist remains a viable way to make a living, otherwise the occupation will be limited to the few that don’t need money to exist. Art reflects what is happening in our world and communities to future generations. It increases well-being. In order for this to keep happening, those that can afford to support it, should.

Everything Totokaelo will have you swooning with design envy — from their website and storefronts, all the way to their Seattle office space.

Totokaelo Offices in Seattle

Totokaelo’s office space in Seattle

Below are a few shots of their Capital Hill location.

Shoes, on shoes, on shoes //

This Seattle-Based Store Is Giving Us INSANE Design Envy

When it comes to filling her store, Jill stated:

I only have a few trusted sources of information; most are friends or designers currently represented by Totokaelo. So, I have strong filters in place. I’m very clear on what is Totokaelo and what is not, which is hard to explain. If something makes it to me, I know straight away and instinctually if it’s a fit with where I’m taking Totokaelo.

If you’re loving their interiors, wait until you see the clothes and decor items. Below are just a few items we’re currently coveting:

This Seattle-Based Store Is Giving Us INSANE Design Envy


That rug tho...

Hand Woven Rug

Swooning over this chair!

Olmstead Chair

70's inspired?

Dries van Noten Pants

Totokaelo amazingness!

Issey Miyake Coat

Although everything from Totokaelo is expensive, it’s nice to know that there’s someone out there giving under-the-radar designers and artists a voice.

What do you think of Totokaelo’s design aesthetic and mission? Let us know in the comments below!