Transform Your Lounge with a Home Video Wall

Posted June 2, 2021 by in Home

With the current health protocols, a lot of people are spending most of their time at home. Therefore, several parts of your home will start to catch your attention, and you’ll start thinking of ways to make the best out of it. You will realise that your lounge is somehow off, considering the homey, comfortable, and complete vision you have.

Technology advancement these days will leave you with many options to improve your lounge, with nothing compared to the video wall. A video wall is becoming an option that most homeowners are adopting. Initially, you may think installing a video wall is a waste of effort and money, but look at the benefit that this highlight will bring to your home.

A video wall can serve any purpose in your home. You can use a video wall for your classy movie night or display amazing art. The greatest thing about a video wall is that you can change the displayed art depending on the atmosphere you wish to get and your mood. Therefore, a video wall is an elegant and straightforward way to make your lounge favourable for different events.

Upgrade Your Lounge

The primary purpose of a lounge is to watch a movie or TV. A video wall will make a fantastic transformation of the traditional seat-to-screen arrangement found in most living rooms (a screen and an opposite sofa). Therefore, you can change your comfortable living space to a luxurious home theatre using a large enough screen configuration.

You can upgrade your gaming lounge with an excellent video wall and see how your home becomes your friends’ hot spot for game nights. Bigger is always the best! The large size of the video wall and its high tech will raise the bar for your friends.

Video wall mounting costs will differ significantly, but it is essential to look within your capabilities. It may seem expensive initially, but you will avoid minor repair and maintenance costs in the long run that will add up to be inexpensive.

Features of Video Wall

1) Easy Maintenance and Installation

The video wall installation process is effortless and quick. Video wall modules can be set out in the desired configuration easily. You only need a little room for a video wall behind the unit. You can easily install these digital screens for video wall hardware since they are lightweight, reducing installation costs.

2) Quality Imaging

Home video walls are made using a high pixel ratio and cutting-edge technology which produces high-quality videos. In addition, features like view and brightness can be adjusted to suit your application requirements. This makes video walls the best for home lounges and retail places.

3) Continuous Operation

Video wall frames are designed to dissipate and conduct heat; hence they can remain in operation for an extended period. The cooling method in the video wall makes it operate quietly.

You can install any digital screens for video wall hardware from LED to LCD. Video walls offer design versatility. This technology is highly adaptable. You can add a rustic farmhouse design, mid-century interior design, or a chic industrial high-end layout.

Since there is no standard size for video walls, you can make it as small or large as you see fit in your lounge. For example, have a longer video wall for a room with lower ceilings.