Transforming Your Body? Here’s How to Stay Motivated

Posted May 11, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

While some individuals seem to enjoy the thrill of working out, others understandably find it challenging. It’s difficult to stay motivated when you’re being pushed to the limit and not seeing any results. However, it is possible to transform yourself. You just need to find ways to stay productive.

Below, we are going to be talking about how you can stay motivated on your fitness journey. Want to learn more? Then keep on reading!

Woman wearing a grey sweatshirt and black legging and running in a park.

Create Fitness Goals

The first step to take before you start exercising is to set yourself specific fitness goals. This way, you can see your progress, keep track of any changes and stay motivated. However, you need to remember that you can’t just choose anything. They need to be achievable and unique to you. Here are a few tips to remember:

– Make your goals measurable and set a time limit.

– Start low, and gradually increase the difficulty.

– Focus on one at a time. Don’t try and tackle multiple in the one day.

– Choose goals that will help you achieve your “main goal”, such as building muscle, losing weight, etc.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve established what you want to achieve on your journey, take time to do some research. Identify specific exercises and sports that will help you get your desired results. It can be worth checking out something like this step-by-step guide or talking to an experienced professional. It really will help you stay motivated and encourage you to try new things. Doing the same exercises every day will get boring.

Make It a Part of Your Daily Routine

While having a bit of flexibility is important when working out, you are more likely to stick to it by making it a part of your daily routine. For example, you may think about exercising at 5:30 pm after work or at 6:30 am in the morning. Obviously, it depends on your schedule, but having a set time each day is a great way to achieve your results, and you can always make adjustments as needed.

Make it Fun

It’s easy to get over doing repetitive workouts, so every once in a while, try and spice things up a bit. Instead of hitting the gym one day, consider going for a swim. Instead of jogging around the block, have a dance party at home. There are many different ways to exercise. You might even take a look at downloading one of these reward apps as a way to earn some extra cash.

Train with Friends

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to stay productive when trying to transform your body is to train with friends. This way, exercising can be enjoyable, and you can motivate each other if one of you starts to slack off. Don’t know anyone available? Try posting an ad for a workout buddy or join a group class at your local gym. You’ll make new friends in no time.

Track Your Progress

Obviously, if you’re putting in all of that hard work, you want to see some progress. So, to watch yourself grow, make sure you track everything in a workout journal. Try to avoid weighing yourself as it’s not the best way to see results. Our bodies fluctuate daily, and you may also be building muscle. Instead, use a tape measure and take photos weekly. You can find more ways to measure yourself here.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Sometimes you may not be seeing the results you want because you’re not doing the correct workout for your body. A personal trainer can help you establish a plan that works for you while also giving you tips to stay motivated. While some can be expensive, you might think of it as spending money to save money. You’ll be able to get expert advice and won’t be making so many mistakes. In short, you’ll receive better results faster.

Reward Yourself

Finally, the last way to stay motivated on your fitness journey is to remember to reward yourself. Have a rest day, enjoy a treat here and there and splurge a little when you smash one of your goals. This will help you remember that exercise is a positive thing and not something that should be a chore. Just make sure you don’t spoil yourself too much, or you may lose all of that hard work.

And that’s it! By following these tips above, you’ll be able to transform your body in no time. Good luck!

*Photos by Andres Ayrton