Travel Beauty: What to Pack

Posted October 16, 2013 by in Traveling

There’s only so much you can pack without getting accused of being a princess. The last thing you want is to throw away some of your prized beauty products because your luggage was overweight. So what should you take to cover all the essentials, but keep your suitcase light? It’s time to get back to the basics.


Hair Ties

Yup, these get a special mention. Why? Because they are easy to forget and, unless you have very short hair, they should be a priority. Other than keeping your hair out of your face while you’re removing your make-up, they double up as a great way to keep your neck cool in hot weather and will keep your tresses away from your sun-creamed back when you’re sunbathing.


Miniaturize your toiletries. It’s not feasible to pack massive bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Instead, buy your own set of minis – they take up hardly any space and weigh next-to-nothing. Once used up, rinse them out and save them for your next holiday.


Take the bare bones of your make-up drawer. Mascara, lip balm, a small eyeshadow palette, and blush – done. Take a break from heavy make-up coverage. Relax. You’re on holiday!

Also take your make-up remover with you. A massive blemish on your vacay is extremely unwelcome.

Your Eyes

If you wear contacts, do not forget to pack them. There’s nothing quite like not being able to see anything to spoil a holiday. If you really can’t wear contacts, pack your glasses, but make sure that you have a pair of prescription shades too. Sunnies are a must, otherwise you’ll be squinting all day long.

Skin Coverage

Please tell us that sun cream is on your ‘to-pack’ list? It’s important that you keep your skin coated in high factor protection, to defend it from UV damage. Skin cancer ain’t no joke. Neither is premature aging. If you want to look bronzed, invest in a Salons Direct spray tan machine – that’ll sort you out.

Ditch the foundation – it’s far too heavy and usually isn’t compatible with sunscreen. Try a tinted moisturizer or bb cream, if you have your reasons for not going au natural.


Whether you’re in a sunny climate or on an air-conditioned plane, the holiday has conspired to dry out your skin. Keep it comfortable and moisturized with a good cream.

For long-haul flight, a facial mist works wonders since the cool dry air absorbs all the moisture from your skin. Feeling fresh and comfortable is a great way to have a relaxing flight.


When you travel, what beauty products can you not live without? Let us know in the comments below!