Traveling Around Dubai Comfortably—here’s how to do it

Posted March 23, 2022 by in Lifestyle

A cozy room in a hotel, high-quality service, countless shopping malls and restaurants, and breathtaking attractions — These are big parts of an exciting vacation in Dubai. But you are unlikely to fully enjoy this city if you will be forced to discover it through a window of a tourist bus. 

Plunge into this beautiful city without tight schedules and with maximum comfort offered by car rental services. From practical family vehicles to VIP cars Dubai, you are sure to find something to your taste and budget. To hire a car is a piece of cake here, because rental companies in Dubai created incredibly easy lease conditions. 

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Why is Travel by Car The Best Choice?

A car here isn’t a luxury item, but a common means of transport. Excellent roads, convenient parking, and strict observance of traffic rules — Everything in Dubai is literally created for drivers. Cheap gas and affordable prices for renting cars help you save money on guided tours. They are quite expensive in Dubai.

But to go to Dubai only for shopping isn’t a good idea. There are many attractions worth seeing: oriental bazaars and the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Palm Islands and the fantastic Dubai Miracle Garden. Only 120 km separates Dubai from Abu Dhabi and its wonders. It takes you a little over an hour to get to the emirate of Fujairah on the Omani coast, which is famous for its rich underwater world. Finally, a rented car is a great opportunity to stay overnight in one of the magnificent hotels in the middle of the desert, admiring the enchanting sunsets and sunrises.

Parking Isn’t a Headache Here

There are no problems with parking in Dubai. If you don’t want to pay a parking lot, you can leave your car in the free underground parking of Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, City Center Sharjah, and others. For the driver’s comfort, a light is on above each parking space — green if it is free, and red if it is taken.

Street parking is usually free from 1 PM till 4 PM and from 9 PM till 8 AM.

Roads And Gas Station

The road quality and infrastructure in Dubai are among the best in the world. The number of transport racks and multi-level interhanges is impressive. At large intersections there are special lanes along which you can make a right turn bypassing the traffic lights.

Almost all road signs are duplicated in English and are located in close proximity to traffic junctions and intersections. Drivers have almost no time to make decisions and maneuver. A navigator will come to the rescue, plotting a route given the traffic in the lanes.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Just Dubai

There are a huge number of exciting places in the UAE you can visit thanks to the freedom that a car gives you.

  • Abu Dhabi is one of the coolest metropolitan areas. There are beaches, huge shopping centers, parks, museums, skyscrapers, and resorts.
  • Sharjah is a conservative emirate, which has many oriental bazaars and a large fish market.
  • Dibba is a city on the east coast of the Gulf of Oman. Here diving fans tend to come.
  • Jebel Jais is the highest point in the Emirates. This is where trekking and hiking lovers gather. You can even climb to the top of the mountain with an all-wheel drive car.
  • Hatta has a mountainous area and many campsites.
  • El Ain is a real oasis settled between the boundless sand dunes. This place is suitable for lovers of authentic places. Camel races are held here.
  • Ras Al Khaimah is an emirate for a beach holiday. There are architectural sights.

We hope the information we gathered in this article will help you to get maximum comfort and impressions of your vacation in Dubai.