Trend Alert—Satin Bridesmaid Dresses Are a Must-Have for Autumn/Winter Weddings

Posted January 9, 2023 by in Fashion

Autumn/winter weddings are becoming more popular in recent years. Traditionally spring and summer were designated as wedding season, however, more are turning to the cooler months for their nuptials.

Bridesmaid dress styles during these seasons may differ from weddings in the warmer months – this can include different styles or shades. Luckily, Cetims are the wedding experts – providing bridesmaid dresses for thousands of brides across the globe. We believe that an elegant satin fabric is the best material choice for an autumn/winter wedding as it has a beautiful shine that can brighten up the venue and reflect subtle lighting.

Satin is an extremely versatile fabric that can be turned into many different designs but is lightweight enough to be comfortable to wear and allow bridesmaids to move freely. When it comes to colour choices, there are a lot of different shade options that match well with an autumn/winter wedding. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites:

Burnt Orange Satin Dresses

Autumn conjures up images of a vivid, colourful, and lovely landscape with ideal lighting and warm tones. It’s a wonderful time of year to be married in the autumn since the days are still bright and sunny but not too hot, and the evenings are long, enabling you to add some enchantment and lighting to your big day. Autumn is a time when there are some wonderful changes in nature – with the leaves turning from green to warm reds, golds and oranges as they fall from the trees. It is natural, therefore, for these tones to be the perfect choice for bridesmaid dresses at this time. Burnt orange dresses have grown in popularity in recent years and this trend is set to continue. Burnt orange looks perfect with warm natural tones such as beige, taupe and brown, or a contrasting navy blue.

The Cetims Angus is a gorgeous long burnt orange satin bridesmaid dresses for the fall. The Angus is a convertible bridesmaid dress, which means you can choose to wear it with the classic halterneck style or slide the material down to provide a flattering sleeve alternative – ideal if your wedding is in a colder climate. The waistline cinches the dress in just the right places, emphasising your bridesmaids’ waist before flowing delicately over their hips and dropping to the floor with ease. The many different sleeve options also make it possible for your bridesmaids with bigger busts to pick a design that lets them to wear a bra that provides support, making the dress comfortable to wear throughout the entire night.


Terracotta Shades Dresses

If you are looking for a slightly darker shade but still in the warm orange tone family, terracotta is a great option. Terracotta pairs well with warm tones such as golds, burnt orange or beiges and is a perfect option for a rustic or Mediterranean themed wedding. Compared to other orange shades, terracotta is much deeper and has more red and brown tones within it. This works well as a dress tone for during autumn and into winter when darker colours are more popular. One of our favourite plus size terracotta satin bridesmaid dresses is the Cetims Lara.

This dress is simply stunning and is among our top picks for bridesmaid attire – no matter what season. Your bridesmaids will look like they belong on the red carpet with the help of this exquisite satin dress’ high leg split and breathtaking one-shoulder design which is truly unique. The design has ruching around the waist and hip meaning that your bridesmaids’ curves will be accentuated in all the right ways. Given that the dress is completely lined, there is a surprising amount of warmth in the fabric. If you do need a little more warmth, this dress looks stunning with a fur or cream coloured shawl draped beautifully over the shoulders. 


Burgundy Satin Bridesmaid Dresses 

A dress shade that is perfect in both the autumn and winter months is a deep, rich red shade such as burgundy. In autumn this reminds us of the colourful leaves, while in winter the same shade has more festive connotations. Burgundy tones pair brilliantly with delicate light pinks or creams for a softer colour combination or with black for a smart, black tie event. Burgundy goes nicely with a variety of suit colours, including black, navy, and grey, and looks wonderful with accents of either gold or rose gold – jewellery or sequins in these tones look beautiful in the winter months. Burgundy is a fantastic colour for plus-sized bridesmaids since the deep hue looks good on all skin tones and is slimming.

The Cetims Elva dress is one of our most popular plus size burgundy satin bridesmaid dresses. Any bridesmaid wearing this floor-length, off-the-shoulder mermaid dress will feel super confident as the dress highlights their shape, skimming their curves wonderfully and focusing on all the right spots. The dress includes wide off-the-shoulder straps for a style appropriate for the red carpet and a tiny, flowy train on the back for extra elegance. For chilly settings, this dress may be coupled with a shawl in an accent colour from your wedding theme. It is ideal for winter weddings in moderate climates or indoor weddings with a cost wintery feel.


Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

Last on our list of shades perfect for autumn/winter weddings is metallic tones. In the winter, metallics may be our favourite colour for bridesmaid dresses since they blend well with the flashing of holiday lights and the dazzling of the snow. They add a shine and glimmer to the duller, cooler months and look classy and elegant all year round. Our favourites are a shiny silver that goes well with cool greys and blues and a rose gold that complements rich, deep jewel tones like the burgundy shade above.


The Cetims Cindy is one of our top metallic satin bridesmaid dresses and is a flattering option for many different shapes and sizes. All body types will find the ruching over the bust and bodice to be attractive, and the straps will provide some additional support for those with bigger chests. On top of this, because of the design of the dress, your bridesmaids can wear a strapless bra if they feel they need even more support.

Additionally, your bridesmaids may move more freely thanks to the glitzy and seductive side split, which makes them feel supported but not trapped as the day progresses.

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