Trend Alert: Sweater Shorts

Posted January 15, 2012 by in Trends

Cold winter weather can really put a halt to fashion. With everyone bundled up in fluffy warm down coats, bulky waterproof boots and warm knit hats, it can be hard to express yourself.

This year, we’ve done a great job transitioning our spring and summer clothes to the cooler months by adding blazers, boots and tights to our favorite sundresses. We can even spot fashionable ladies pairing their favorite pair of cut-off Levi’s with opaque tights and boots.

Flashback: How to Transition your Summer Clothes

But there’s a new trend brewing here in Manhattan…sweater shorts. Shorts made only for those cold winter months. I’ve spotted them in quite a few street-style blogs based in Asia, not knowing if it would catch on in other parts of the world. Well, it has! What are your thoughts? Love it or leave it?

  • Shirt:$9.97 Gap
  • Cardigan: $69.70 Gap
  • Sweater Shorts: $12.90 Uniqlo
  • Tights: $9.95 h&m
  • Thigh-High Socks: $9.99 h&m
  • Vince Camuto Boots: $150.00 Bloomingdale’s

This Upper West Side girl is rocking a pair of $12 Uniqlo sweater shorts. She pairs them perfectly with her Vince Camuto tall boots and Gap cardigan! How do you wear your sweater shorts? Send your pictures to [email protected]

Q & A

Q: What’s your favorite winter 2012 trend?

A: I love textured and colored tights!

Q: What are a few trends you want to see go away forever?

A: I have too many, crazy nails, adult onezies and sneakers with dresses.

Q: When do you save and when do you splurge?

A: I save on accessories and splurge on clothes. I find they last longer the more money I spend. It’s quality over quantity for me. I’d rather have two pairs of expensive shoes than twenty cheap ones that hurt my feet.

Q: What’s your favorite store?

A: I don’t really have one. I don’t like to limit myself or my style. I do however like Gap jeans. I’m tall and they’re one of the only stores in my price range that have my perfect fit!

Do you love the sweater shorts trend? Check out Uniqlo, Forever 21, Etsy and Delia’s for a pair under $30!